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  • AcquaPhi – water energizer technology (I have one and it works perfectly)
  • Proof for homeopathy – the John Benneth Journal (a “shut up tool” for pseudoskeptics)


Notes and Quotes

While vibratory patterns of information uniquely define each of us from one another and everything else in the physical realm, we believe the energy that drives those vibrations comes from the same source. And if everything within the physical realm is powered by the same energy source, everything in this realm is also bound to everything else through this energy.

With an analog radionic instrument, the operator has the ability to analyze the energetic state of a plant on a farm that is on the other side of the planet, then broadcast new patterns of information-as-energy back to that plant – all without electrical power. This would be impossible if the radionic researcher were broadcasting a signal through the physical realm, where the range of the powered antenna falls off at an exponential rate with increasing distance. But because the radionic instrument is broadcasting back to the energetic realm that binds us, the information is received immediately wherever that plant may be located.


Intuition Technology (By John Living)

Random depends on the context
(James Clewett)