How to focus on intention for analysis

AetherOne drives its analysis with hotbits, TRNG generated data, pure natural randomness, which are ordered by the intention of the operator. The order resembles a meaning and this can be interpreted by the operator.

Randomness normally follows a certain pattern, known as Gaussian function, or more precise the probability density function, which looks like this:


Or in AetherOne this would be expressed by a slow decreasing hit number, like

10 rate a
9 rate b
9 rate c
9 rate d
8 rate e

A faster decrease is a sign for a higher order, like in this example:


As you can see it jumps from 10 to 7 and 6. Be careful, the analysis does not show always as the best hit on the top. It also could be on the bottom, in the middle, or all rates have one common theme or symptom.

Now how can you enhance your focus and increase your intention?

Sometimes you need to use speech and gesture, just like a Italian pitchman on a market in Naples. This will activate more parts of your brain as just sitting there and trying to focus. Even only to imagine to speak and gesture what you intent will increase your focus.

Another method is to draw or doodle something on paper while focusing on your intention. This is not only very powerful, but you will have a intention bound on paper, which can be used in another time.

A third method is to use music. Do you play a instrument? I love electronic music and I use my synthesizers occasionally to create a very good focus on my intention.


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