The value of meaning in radionics analysis of homeopathic remedies

A friend asked regarding using the AetherOne software for analyzing a homeopathic similimum:

If a person uses the program and has no homeopathic knowledge – would they just broadcast the top scorers to the client?

In this case the analysis would bring up whatever seems to make sense for the operator. Example, if you know well the James Tyler Kent materia medica, which is a list of 180 remedies and you practice just with these remedies, then you will feel more comfortable with this remedy list. The analysis driven by the TRNG and psychokinesis brings up result which makes sense inside this context.

Then other practitioners would rather prefer a larger materia medica, like for example the John Henry Clarke, because they have studied another level of the materia medica, like the families of plants and the groups of minerals, or even the new homeopathic insights of Jan Scholten. With over 1000 remedies one needs to know what the common themes of groups and families are in order that such a analysis would make sense.


For this reason I have inserted different rate lists for the AetherOne. Some rate lists are rather small and well known, like the ENERGY_chakra list, or the MIASM. Others are huge, like that of HOMEOPATHY_COMPLETE with 3181 remedies. The operator choose what he knows and what would make sense for him or her.

If someone is willed to experiment and to use a Clarke materia medica, but without the deeper knowledge in homeopathy, then the AetherOne would bring forth two possibilities of results:

a) something which makes no sense

b) a list of remedies which are all connected to each other and form a complete picture

In the case of “a” the operator just “played around” and therefore the result was accordingly of no value.

Or in the case of “b” the operator was willed to learn more and his intention was to add research time to the analysis. Then the outcome of the analysis process will make sense. This is the “meaning” of the overall context. With our mind we connect the dots, the hotbits (or qbits) derived from a TRNG like the Arduino will collapse to a determined state and they will make “sense“, they will communicate a “meaning“.

Example I analyzed the reason why a organism is generally unable to reabsorb an abscess. I focused a few seconds on this task only and I was willed to spend one hour of research additionally to this analysis for gaining a deeper understanding. The result can be seen in the screenshot with my notes:


The “snake” and “iodum” reoccurred in all remedies. As we know from the materia medica about Lachesis, they suffer a lot from abscesses. And Iodum is related to snake remedies, because of their 5th chakra problems, the throat. Lachesis loves fresh air and don’t like tight clothing, especially not around their throat. Also the poison of Lachesis dissolves the flesh, which causes abscesses. Iodum is all about “letting go” and its affected by “consumption” (not enough energy in its end stage).

Iod. and Kali iod., which are complementary to Lyc., are probably complementary to Lach. K. iod. has the diffused sensitiveness of Lach.
(John Henry Clarke on Lachesis)

Therefore I recommend to always check the materia medica in order to learn at least more about the remedy before to broadcast it. The intention of the operator should be to acquire knowledge and insight of the process which has brought forth the imbalance and then act accordingly with a research session after the analysis session.


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