Magic of Signs: A Nonlocal Interpretation of Homeopathy

Harald Walach (born 1957) is Professor for Research Methodology in Complementary Medicine at Viadrina European University Frankfurt (Oder).

He has written a article for the Society for Scientific Exploration explaining that homeopathy cannot be explained by “local interpretation“, because locality and material causality are inadequate paradigms to describe something which acts outside of these framework.

Causality is and was always a hot topic in metaphysics. The question if causality requires locality or not is what divides materialists from idealists. According to Hume and Ockham causality is something which happens in our mind.

According to some researcher distant healing is possible via the general connectedness of beings. This kind of awareness still exist in almost all aboriginal people. In modern time Schopenhauer, Carl Gustav Jung and Wolfgang Pauli referred to nonlocality for explaining a good portion of the phenomena experienced in science and psychology.

There are different so called layers of consciousness. The “magical” consciousness is what connects to the boundaries of the general connectedness of beings (we could describe it as the collective subconsciousness), then there is the mythical phase of consciousness and finally the mental consciousness, which is the analytical consciousness. The mental consciousness has achieved great technological progress but at the cost of loosing the roots to the mutual connectedness and to nature.

Synchronicity depends on the subjective meaning, which relates inner psychological state and outer physical even

And then Professor Walach mentions Carl Jung’s ideas on synchronicity, which are also explained by Isuret Polos’s idea of synchronicity and homeopathy, that events correlated to inner states of the mind are linked to a meaning. The temporal coincidence “simply makes the experience more striking.

In his article he comes to the insight that … “The synchronicity occurs when the semiotic process, the “understanding of the case” in the homeopath, generates a meaning.

Do you recognize the similarity between radionics?


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