Where can I download the latest AetherOne radionics program?

A frequently asked question. Here is the answer:

  1. Visit the projects web page on github.
  2. Download the entire project by selecting the green combobox “Clone or download” and then “Download ZIP“.
  3. Extract the zip in a folder of your choice.

The latest version has the biggest number. Currently it has the number 0006.

Go into the folder … OpenSourceRadionics-master\software\processing … there you see the latest version of the AetherOne Processing software.


And in the folder … OpenSourceRadionics-master\software\arduino\AetherOneForArduinoUno … is the newest AetherOne for the Arduino. More will follow.

Be patient. It takes time to learn everything. Let you help by someone experienced in software and computers.

More information can be found in the “Build your own AetherOne – Video Tutorial“.


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