AetherOne and your personal supplement list

If you use supplements, like vitamins, minerals and herbs, then write them all in a textfile and save it under the folder data, inside your working directory for the AetherOne.


This is now your personal supplement and food list for analysis. I will not insert mine into the project in Github, because it is a personalized list. Therefore you need to create your own list.

A tip: add also other stuff like water, walk, swim, water + lemon, and so on, because its easy to forget the most important things which don’t cost much (only a bit of your time and energy).

This is an example of my personal analysis. Water is what I need. Sometimes I forget to drink. The following rates are of a lesser importance than water, because water has 10 and the next rate Baldrian follows only with a 7.


You may have noted the “Delay” dial. This dial is for the frequency of the broadcasting. The default value is 25 milliseconds for one on/off switch of the LED. A lower value means a higher frequency. But more in a specialized post on the AetherOne 0006.


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