About nonlocality

The unconscious is to consciousness what quantum mechanics is to classic mechanics. It’s foundational and yet obeys a different paradigm of non-locality and interconnectedness rather than locality and separation.

The quote above is from Mike Hockney. I agree totally with him. You don’t need a Large Hadron Collider in order to prove it (his words, and again I agree!).

At a certain point while meditating on physical reality and the realities of heaven, I realized that there cannot be a difference at all. Somehow physical reality is just a upgrade of the immaterial realm. Most people believe that the immaterial realm, or heaven, the dimension of spirit, is less strong and less stable. The book “Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy“, written by Isuret Polos, says that as 1 + 1 = 2 is an eternal truth and by far not something which can be regarded as an “opinion“, so the immaterial can be even stronger than physical reality.

In fact who believes that math is an opinion is stupid. I will not use this word very often, indeed I’ve decided to use it only if really necessary, because it could be offending. But in this case the word stupid is perfectly applicable for who believes that 1 + 1 = 2 is just an opinion or that this is a “definition“. The stupid lacks logical reasoning and ignores scientific facts even if they are unraveling in front of his eyes.

If you have read the Bible, then you should have noticed that there in the first verse of Genesis 1:1 the creation account says: “In the beginning God created heavens and earth.


This verse is interesting, because it contains 3 aspects of our known reality: time (beginning), space (heavens) and matter (earth). God created a “framework” for another type of existence. What then followed was 4 days of terraforming and 2 days of creation of animals and humans.

Before the creation of our physical reality everything was immaterial. The relation between spatial objects did not exist. The unfolding of events did not exist. And so  spacetime did not exist. The spacetime is the framework of existence in which we live. We communicate inside this framework.  Indeed the entire framework of spacetime exist for only one reason: to communicate.

I believe that spacetime allows to share experience a lot more “intimate” than the spiritual realm, because of the duality aspect. Perhaps angels do envy us for this (not in bad way, but more like curious beings).

Does this mean that we have lost the spiritual aspect of reality? Is nonlocality not important for human beings? Yet on quantum level we see that nonlocality still exist, or let’s say it becomes clearly evident on that scale that nonlocality is the normal state of being. Nonlocality never stopped to exist when physical reality was created!

Indeed if nonlocality and entanglement and synchronicity would not exist, then life would immediately stop on this realm. Our brain needs nonlocal and synchronistic events in order to work, plants needs entanglement in order to distribute photon energy throughout their leaves and the gecko would not be able to climb a smooth surface if there would not be the effect of quantum tunneling.

Illness is regarded as the opposite of wholeness. When a healing process is initiated, the person feels whole again and becomes aware of the interconnectedness of all parts. Most time even synchronistic events occurs as a sign of a deeper healing process, as described in the book “Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy“.

Radionics use this aspect of nonlocality and interconnectedness for analysis and balancing. Distant healing does not involve electromagnetic radiation or scalar waves or some other pseudo-scientific explanation attempt. It uses simply the most basic aspect of our entire reality, nonlocality in a universe based on consciousness.


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