Stages of a cold and influenza

Typical in my case and of many people in this so called “modern society” who are overworked, when I have a bit of rest in my holidays I get influenza or at least a cold. With the help of radionics, in this case I use my own device the AetherOne (I eat my own dog food), the cold can in some cases heal faster or at least the symptoms can be soften.

It’s interesting how accurate the analysis can be. The mind works in conjunction with the machine, or the machine in conjunction with the mind (Where is the difference? I don’t know!) and the intention is superimposed on the outcome of the random processes.

Here are some personal notes.

First stage – Allium cepa
The eyes are watering, but not burning. I sneezed a lot, violently, very violently and the dog ran out of the room fearing the approaching storm. A lot of thin mucus, like water, running out of the nose. Handkerchiefs per minute = 2.

Typical for Allium cepa: I don’t wont contact with anybody. No talking, no work (mental or physical). Fresh air helps.

Second stage – Eupatorium – Millefollium – Chamomilla
The second stage is the less acute one, after a few days the reoccurring phenomenon is that you get in touch with your constitutional remedy again, but still having the cold.

Therefore Eupatorium, Millefollium and Chamomilla appeared in the analysis.

Third stage – Dryness – Complications – Coccus cacti

Still some Eupatorium shows up, as other Asterales like Berberis. But now a animal remedy is on top. My left eye is red and dry. What is Coccus cacti then for?

* Affects mucus membranes.
MIND: – – Sadness 2 – 3 h. or 14 – 15 h. – – Anxiety after eating 14 – 15 h
– Apprehensive, irritable, fretful. – – Confusion > open air.
GENERALITIES: – – < Winter, cold weather/warm room – – > Open air.
– Catarrhal conditions of mucus membranes. – – DIScharges STRINGY, THICK.
HEAD: – – Congestion. Dull pressive headache, < jar, motion.
EYE: – – Sensation of foreign body. – – Conjuncitivitis.
EAR: – – Stopped sensation. Impaired hearing. – – Roaring as from a storm.
NOSE: – – Coryza. Thick/viscid mucus in nasopharynx. Sneezing. – – Burning as of pepper.

Always check the Materia Medica if the analysis was correct. You cannot trust radionics analysis to 100%. Add some rational thinking to it too. In this case it was a good hit. Coccus cacti corresponds to my current third stage of cold.

What some call “complications” after or during a cold is nothing else than another stage of the cold itself, but it requires another “frequency” or remedy to complete the cure. My eye burns and it feels like a “foreign body” is in it. Coccus will help for sure. The symptoms are very similar to mine.


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