Radionic Use In Agriculture


Farmers have been using radionics in farming for a number of years, but in recent years with the spread of information via the internet, and radionic workshops put on especially for farmers, such as the ones by Dr. Arden Andersen, more and more farmers are seeing the value of using radionics in agriculture.


One of the earlier uses of radionics in agriculture was its use to rid fields of crop-destroying insects. The most famous use of radionics for this purpose was by a company in the 1950’s called UKACO. They were very successful in getting rid of insects in the field, maybe too successful, you can read about UKACO at this link

Today farmers use radionics in many parts of the world, especially in the U.S where treating humans with radionics is unlawful, and in other countries such as Australia.

Radionics is used to formulate fertilizer for a specific…

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