Recurrent showing up of specific remedies in analysis


What does this mean when you try to analyze your own energy status in AetherOne (or another software for radionics) and you get over weeks and months a specific remedy in the second to fifth place in the analysis result?

In my case Mercurius and different chemical compositions which contains mercury showed up every time.

I visited the dentist and he showed me that from one tooth a little piece of the filling broke up and a hole formed. This tooth was treated by the dentist 20 years ago and it still contains a amalgam filling. And amalgam commonly consists of 50% of mercury.

My dentist (as many other dentists today) don’t use amalgam anymore. They are aware of the risks of amalgam and by the way it is not the best material to put into a tooth.

This is the reason why I don’t get a “clear reading” when I try to analyze myself.

And why did Phosphorus showed up today? Because I drunk a coke at lunch and most soft drinks contains phosphoric acid. Maybe this is also the reason why the readings are clearer at night or early in the morning.


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