Remedies for the Pseudoskeptic


Kalium phosphoricum:
Obstinate, stubborn, breeds and ruminates. Their mind is exhausted, maybe one reason why they cannot acquire a new idea or accept new facts. Suspicious and distrustful, they lack grounding. Tendency for hunger strike, on mental level this is similar to refusing to gain insight or learn new things. Apathy. Ridicule.

Aversion towards mental work. Aversion to everything (!), very similar to nihilism. Apathy. Boredom. Doubts and scepsis. George Vithoulkas recommended this remedy as a experimental remedy for the skeptics, not as a remedy to convince them, but to heal their ill state of mind.

Skeptical about everything. Deprecating and refusing. Stubborn. Delusion everything is to narrow. Aversion to work. Mind becomes less flexible and capable. Stiff, immobilized and slow. Critical from inability of mind. Dull, sluggish. It is an effort to think. Difficulty expressing ideas. Unclear. Confusion of thoughts. Ridicule and mock. Annoying.

What all 3 remedies have in common:
Feel as if in a dream, unreal. Aversion to work (mind or physical work). Apathy. Critical.  Distrustful.

The analysis was done with AetherOne Prototype installed on a Raspberry Pi 3, using TRNG as a “dowsing” element.


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