Open Source Radionics – Part 15 – Analysis and the Energetic Value


AetherOne is useful to analyze homeopathic remedies (in this case a list of “Kent Remedies“), a good approach if one knows how homeopathy works and double checks the result with a repertory and materia medica.

As usual every year I’m plagued with hay-fever, a allergy which is very common in Germany. Nature is under stress and some plants release too much of the pollen, which is a stress for many people too.

For analyzing I simple tune mentally into my own energy field and press the analyze button in the AetherOne software. The result was fascinating. All remedies appears in order of their energetic value. Senega was on the top, with 515 as a “relative” energetic value, relative to the other remedies in the list. It is mentioned by John Henry Clarke as a “hay-fever” remedy in the “clinical” paragraph, which is even of higher value.

Under the paragraph of nose it says: “Sneezing so often and so violently head grows dizzy“. Sir Clark, you are right. When I sneeze it feels like a big cannon is fired and after that I need 3 minutes to regain consciousness (a little exaggeration has never hurt anybody).

The next remedy is Chelidionium and it is 75 points less in its energetic value as Senega. Clarke does not mention hay-fever and it has no paragraph for nose!

And the other remedies are not even near of something like hay-fever.

This is a clear answer. The energetic value and the materia medica confirms the validity of the analysis.


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