Rose Quartz Energy Purifying Battery



  1. Take a big jar (at least 1 liter) with a cap and clean it with some water and vinegar. Then dry it in the sun.
  2. Clean the rose quartz also with water and vinegar and dry it in the sun.
  3. Put the rose quartz in the jar until it is filled at least of 1/5. Better is 1/4, but not more than 1/3.
  4. Put in two to three spoon of sodium bicarbonate and clear pure water and close the jar.
  5. Place the jar on a window board, not on your tablet or computer, but on a real window board inside your appartment or house 😉
  6. Protect it from too cold temperatures and don’t drink the water!


The water absorbs etheric energy from the surrounding. When the water is abundant, at least 1 liter or more, the effect becomes a lot stronger. The sodium bicarbonate reinforce this effect even more and the sun push the energy through the crystals of the rose quartz, where the “continuous framework of silicon-oxygen tetrahedra” stabilize the etheric energy and purifies it from unwanted energy patterns.



Place additional gems of different types in the jar. It looks nice and the effect can be fine tuned to your own requirements.


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