Open Source Radionics – Part 14 – Energy Batteries and Generators

Life force is what drives the universe, what makes the galaxy spin till to the tiniest atom. It’s life force which overcomes obstacles, creates possibilities, forming nonlocal bridges to distant locations, enabling faster than light communication. And as all forms of energy, it cannot be created, at least not by human beings, but only transformed from one form into another.

In radionics the device helps us to save our life force and use instead that of another source. It could be a battery, yes simple as that, or electricity from the power connector at home. Somewhere someone generates enormous amounts of energy by nuclear reaction.

But energy needs refinement. Nuclear power may be a brute force and seemingly unstoppable, but for radionics we need just a little bit of pure life force. Your preferred energy source should be something like orgonite, metal and organic compounds which simulates a organism technique of energy generating and purification. Willhelm Reich observed that metal attracts and conduct life energy. Organic materials attract, but store energy. The combination of both are known as orgone accumulators. They are build in various forms. The classic one of Willhelm Reich is a box with different layers of metal and organic materials, where organic is the outer layer and the inner most layer is metal. This creates a force which leads orgone energy inside the box and there it is stored. Reich’s orgone accumulators have one problem, they accumulate all kind of energy, good and bad. So if one builds a orgone box and place it near a microwave oven, the negative energy (DOR – or deadly orgone) can be very dangerous for the health. A lot of people observed that this orgone accumulators becomes over saturated with the energy and emit it into the surroundings. Reich once believed that orgone could neutralize radioactivity and placed a radioactive element in one of his boxes. The result was catastrophic. The energy of the entire area became stuck and dead, like no flow of energy was possible. Who entered this area became sick. He needed to remove the radioactive element and dissemble the box.

Later in 1992 Karl Welz invented the “orgonite” material compound. The difference is that he used resin as a organic material and mixed it with metal shavings. Later the “community” adopted his idea and added the crystal as a energy refinement component. Variations like the “chembusters” became famous for their ability to balance weather which was altered by weather manipulation techniques.

Soon orgonite became part of many radionics devices and with quit a success. The operator now does not need to invest most of his energy in building up a energy field for analysis or broadcasting.


I personally use some smaller orgonite units for my device. And as a bigger unit I placed a jar full with water, a third of rose quartz and sodium bicarbonate. This jar is placed inside on the window board. The first time I placed the jar there I felt like a wind blowing, but the window was closed, a good sign that energy flows.

My advise: don’t use your own energy, because you can use other sources and nature delivers abundant energy, from the sun, the air, the aether and so on. Else you would use too much of your own life force which drains you kidney power. Signs of misusing kidney energy are very similar to misuse of coffee. So it is simple to avoid it. Stay well!


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