The network of all individual consciousness

Materialism is the convenient way to ignore the fact that we are indeed all interconnected and therefore their conscience may hurt less when they ignore the suffering of other people. It misuse and overuse reductionism, till it reach a ridiculous level. Atomisms and scientisms are the new normal today. No wonder that there are no new discoveries made in science on the fundamental level, because ignorance is what drives thinking.

On the other hand new fresh air is blowing from a group of people who investigate and promote “The primacy of consciousness“. It is nothing else than scientific idealism, the paradigm that consciousness is the base of physical reality.

Idealism regards free will as fundamental and does not refuse the idea that all life forms one whole organism. Robert Lanza describes it as “biocentrism“, as a new way to see reality, based on life and not on dead matter. He describes it that way, the universe is not only able to sustain life, but it’s life or consciousness which forms the universe. In other words: think the other way around.

If the we are all interconnected and consciousness is the base of physical reality, how does it all work? From what we know, there is a kind of communication between all individuals which happens instantaneously. A big picture forms after all participants evaluated all variables and then this new picture is projected on the screen and we perceive it as physical reality. This happens billions of time each second.

The real reality is spiritual in its very nature. Some aspects are variable, others are constant and fixed, static and eternal. You can compare it with math, when pointing at a variable position on a irrational number, you can slide forward or backward, but the entire number is fixed and eternal. Our reality is in part generated by the collective consciousness (or better subconsciousness … only few are able to do this consciously). The biggest aspect is based on the blueprint from our creator, which cannot be changed.


Nobody in this continuum should be disadvantaged in some way. The free will should remain free and not overridden by some occult technique. The consequences of over imposing one’s will onto another person are catastrophic. A equilibrium mechanism is activated in the moment one tries to make such a fool action. Indeed the magician is a fool, because he believes he could bind and bend the free will of others without a personal sacrifice. There is so much “karma-dept” that this world should be already vanished, but someone holds back the winds of destruction for a specific purpose.

Like our body has energetic meridians, flowing through superficial channels and then entering deep into the body and nourishing the organs and fascia, the network of the collective consciousness has similar channels too. They flow from one individual to another.  In our body we have 12 main meridian and additional “extraordinary” channels, like big rivers where a lot of energy flows. There seem to be finer channels too, similar to the fine branching capillary. Some traditions says there are 72.000 of them, which is remarkable, because two humans would form 144.000, a number well known in the Bible. The energetic rivers flows also into our planet. The so called ley lines are part of this network. Nature reacts on the energy of ley lines and the patterns are visible. Sometimes you feel when you are on a ley line. It is like you are connected to the entire planet. No wonders that the church has occupied the best places for themselves. Their greed for power and money has pushed them to use every tool and technique, including magical practice. Occupying a ley line for manipulation purpose should be considered a crime.

Fortunately not everything and not everyone is a slave of this world. A new network is forming, unnoticed by the majority. If it reach a critical mass the old network will be shut off and the new one receives power from the source of all energy. This transition will be accompanied by a inevitable war.

There are a few concepts which describes the network interdependence, like “karma” or “what you saw you will reap“.  It is not only about survival, which would be attributed to the first chakra, but also about higher concepts, like communication and spiritual connection. To love his neighbor is therefore essential, because the network does not work if there is no real connection. In this regard all powerful people who steal and lie (misusing the gaps in the system) for gaining more and more are “antisocial” in the literal sense. They work indeed against the free will of all individuals on this planet. Their karma-dept is reaching a cosmological level and this will have disastrous consequences for them.

A network such this could never evolve out of nothing (a typical materialistic myth). We should respect the collective as also the individual. The misuse of energetic techniques like radionics is a sad reality. We don’t know how many are involved in this kind of “spiritual warfare“, but we know that it will end in one big war, reaching a peak when this energies becomes visible to the naked eye. For us humans it’s better not to participate and stand still and see how God resolves the matter. There are individuals who have good intentions and try to work against the system, but you cannot beat it alone. In this regard we should reconsider again for what radionics is good for. It is not a weapon. It is a way to balance and help people who need it most.


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