Radionics AntiPatterns

Definition of AntiPatterns
Initially appear to be beneficial, but ultimately result in bad consequences that outweigh hoped-for advantages.

This word has it roots in engineering. I searched for another convenient word for the title, like for example “Radionics Fast Food Generation” or “Radionics Hypocrisy“, but this technical term is more “diplomatic“.

For what is Radionics good for?
Radionics was invented by an Doctor, so it’s primary use is the balancing of a unhealthy state in humans, animals or even agriculture. It differs from psionic, but it is indeed based on psionics. The device protects the operator, helps to focus his intention and it helps to “let go” once the intention was “programmed” into one or more core elements of the device (crystals, capacitors, orgonite, and so on).

Radionics is not a wishing machine
Unfortunatelly there is this bad “new age influence” inside the radionics ambience (society, movement, or whatever you like to call it), which sort the wheat from the chaff, the real practicionar from the dude who just has too much money and buys a 20.000 dollar radionics device, because it is a hype, its cool, so underground fella!

Let’s call these people from the last category “radio-chaps“, just to give them a name. You can observe that they misuse radionics. I do not intend to raise a dogmatic state for the radionics society, but they contribute to hold down radionics or they even slander it to the lowest level and this is not acceptable. Sure, everyone has a free will and can do whatever they want with their devices (at least the consequences cannot be avoided), but it cannot be called “radionics” anymore.

A few decades ago I studied acupuncture and one of the students used to stitch herself up with hundreds of needles before she went for a ride with her bike through the city park. What do you think how the people reacted to the bizare look of the new pinhead aspirant?

Now there are people who “create” rates like “all money comes to me“. The radio-chaps just don’t are aware of what this “wish” implies?


The outcome of such a wish could be a incident, rammed by a cash-in-transit transporter. Or the best outcome is that nothing happens.

Anyway a wishbox does not generate any kind of balance, but only imbalances. And then the collective consciousness, the network of all individual consciousness, evaluates the situation and counterbalance their wish. If you gain something by a wish box, you will lose it again. This radio-chaps proves to be a sort of greedy folk. They are fine with gain without pain, they want everything and want it now, but are not eager to give or to serve.

With other words, please be aware of the energetic balance system. Be aware that a lottery means 99,99999% losers and that a wish for something could backfire.

I believe that this radio-chaps are the same sort of people who loves to participate in multilevel-marketing (networking or snowball games with pseudo-products) and their life is centred on materialism. They have no real interest in the deeper meaning and implications of radionics. I wonder what David Tansley would have said about them.


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