Radionics and microorganisms


Humans lives on this planet and they are tolerated by this huge organism called “earth“, as long as they do not misbehave.

Microorganisms lives inside us humans and they are also tolerated as long as they do not “misbehave“.

This is a simple analogy and with that I try to make you understand, that we are “microorganisms” in some way too.

But in reality microorganism do not misbehave, because they have no free will. They have no other choice than to follow their “program“. They have a role and a purpose and there is no exception. Each microorganism has a right to exist.

In cancer research, especially in alternative therapy methods like homeopathy, microorganism are consider part of a ecosystem. Instead to get rid of them, a therapist analyze the symptoms and the amount of imbalance. They do not consider the microorganism as an enemy, but they acknowledge that certain conditions in our body leads to a overpopulation of specific bacteria. Once the balance is reestablished the bacteria return to a normal state and well being is restored.

Regarding the word “overpopulation” there is a misconception in the minds of many people too. Our planet could host 20 billion without any problem. There is sufficient space and food for everyone. Even if we would reach this number, there would be enough space for wild life too.

So, what exactly then is the problem regarding microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, protozoa and humans?

Its all about a “misinformation” which generates as a side effect an invisible field. The balance of a system depends on communication. This fields “inform“, they transmit the information for how much population can be tolerated in a certain area and how fast a reproduction is necessary. This can observed in nature. Plants and fungi communicates with each other through this invisible fields, faster than light. Sometimes plants reacts also with other “mediums” like biophotons or electrical impulses. But the field itself cannot be measured, because it resides outside of the physical realm. Only its effect on biological systems can be observed, experienced or measured.

Author w:User:Graham Beards

There is a hierarchy in the realm of microorganisms. They appear to get into imbalance in a very specific order. First fungi, then bacteria, then viruses. And we can learn a lot from this fact only. Fungi depends on bacteria to regulate a key components of their reproductive machinery. Ah its all about sex, I knew it! No, I’m joking, this has indeed something to do with the duality principle on which this physical reality is based. And bacteria depends on viruses, because they need fresh DNA and they cannot get “upgrades” if they “clone” themselves. Therefore DNA is the exception of all microorganisms, they cannot reproduce themselves, but they are reproduced “kindly” by other organisms. And if you study in detail how a biological cell works, then you will come upon this one strange fact, that cells decides themselves if they want to let a virus in or not. Knock, knock, who is it? Its me, Mr. Virus, please, please, let me in. Ok, come in, let me reproduce you. But if the cell decides that there is no upgrade for “the greater good” necessary, then it remains closed and no virus can ever get in by own force, because viruses are dead, not alive.

Interesting aspect of the virus and the cell is, they communicate before they get to an accord. Around the virus a electrical field is generated, a side effect of its structure and its environment. This electrical field interacts with the electric field of the cell and this can trigger an opening in the cell. The virus is lead into the cell like a spaceship caught by a tractor beam in Star Trek.

The virus is for bacteria what a bee is for the flowers.

The misinformation can be propaganda of any form, lies, illusions, greed and so on. Why should millions of people act so stupid and gather in an overpopulated city with bad air and crime out of control? Because they are bound by a invisible field all together in one place in order that someone else can exploit them. City builder … ah I knew a few of them, all the same type of people.

This misinformation is “propagated” through the collective consciousness and reaches the individual, dives deep into the subconsciousness. You can try to convince your neighbors, becoming an activist, or a preacher, but you will only reach a few, and only single individuals will act wisely.

Its different if you try to convince microorganisms inside yourself. They are not indignant at all and they react accordingly to your own agenda. For example if you take a homeopathic remedy, the information bound to the carrier material (milk sugar, globulis, or water) is transported immediately into your subconsciousness and there a new field is generated which informs the microorganisms that you wish to live with them in a peaceful and fruitful symbiosis. Peace!


Radionics has the very same effect as homeopathy. I regard them both as very similar therapy forms, based on the same principles. With a radionic analysis (distant or local, with the help of a specimen or a photo, or even only a name) the imbalance is measured. The result is either a rate (for machines with resistance knobs) or the name of a energetic essence (homeopathy, bach flower, and so on). And this can be broadcast back to the patient, no matter where he or she lives (or it, in the case of a animal, or even agriculture area).

Don’t tread microorganisms as enemies. They are all symbiont. Maybe only a bit misinformed.

Hey wait, what about parasites? They are bad, right?

No, not even parasites are our enemies, despite their unthankful role and ugly appearance. For example ticks delivers food for birds in severe drought periods or intestinal worms helps the host to get rid of too much meat and sugar. But they can be misinformed too. In the end, take care of yourself and your emotions. Observe how you treat others (how you see them), this all affects the microorganisms inside your body and in your proximity.


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