Open Source Radionics – Part 12 – The Database Design

Keeping a diary in radionics is one of the best tips I can give you. It’s a incredible source of information for you and for others if you allow them the access. Modern homeopathic software searches through different repertories, materia medica and even in journal entries in order to maximize the possible findings. Therefore keep a diary or at least some form of protocol logging.

AetherOne will include such a diary function, indeed everything is based on that diary.

The design is as follows:

CC by Pavel Krok (Wikipedia)

Case: it contains everything you would like to bundle together. For example the case of one single patient, the case of an entire family and each member (including their pets and house), the case of an emergency or incident (people, terrain, air, pollution), the case of a agriculture area.

Target: a target represents the energetic signature or rate of a person, an animal, plant, area and so on and it is bundled or linked to the case. It can even be linked to different cases.

Session: this object does not represent the usual login session of an application, but it represents the period of time you work on a specific issue and case. For example you open a case and automatically a new session is generated. Then you write your intention and the session is officially opened. Now you can analyze or broadcast or experiment.

Protocol: Each session has several actions and notes. These are represented by the protocol. For example I want to examine a case. I open the case and a protocol “Case xyz was opened at date/time“. I describe my intention for the new session and a protocol is generated for that too. Then I analyze the general vitality and a new protocol is generated with the action description and the result. In this way you will always be able to browse or search through your protocols and never forget what you did and what happened next.


I will create the possibility to add labels or tags too, so this helps to identify patterns by keywords. The search function will help you to search for energetic signatures, for example you can search for all people who have received Arnica montana as a remedy frequency.


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