Homeopathy Books which mentions Radionics

Not many books about homeopathy mentions their “cousin” radionics. Here are two books which at least has one chapter about radionics and their relation towards homeopathy practice.

The Collected Works of Arthur Hill Grimmer


In the chapter “Electronic Reactions of Abrams” Grimmer explains the “polarities of remedies in relation to the polarities of diseases”. Additionally there a some pages listing remedies and their “polarity” regarding diseases, like for example different types of cancer. Indeed Grimmer used radionics for identifying the right remedy after he made an accurate anamneses and repertorisation.

Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy


Isuret Polos collected all strange phenomena regarding homeopathy (synchronicity, nonlocal effects, etc) he could find and one chapter describes in detail his experience with radionics.

Transmission of Homoeo Drug Energy from a Distance


Dr. Shani experiments with the transmission of homeopathic drugs over a distance are very similar to radionics and he mentions Dr. Abrams works in this regard and how his method relates to radionics.


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