Similar to Radionics

File:Divining Rod.jpg


Dowsing with a rod is used today by big companies as also by individuals, when searching for water, oil or other resources in the earth. Even the US military used dowsing to attempt to locate weapons and tunnels during the Vietnam War. The similarity to radionics is that it is still used usually by farmers in modern times. Maybe the acceptance for radionics is based on the fact that dowsing was used with some success.


The pendulum derives from the same root as dowsing and is one of the most common practice today, especially in alternative medicine. Some scientists use the pendulum to achieve insight in a matter, if a question is intelligent and specific enough. But it is also the most “overused” utility. Best example when people ask if they should go out for a walk or not, which is a bit ridiculous, similar to the most asked question in forums about radionics “what rate is for this or that“. Similar to radionics most people do not understand the mechanics or principles behind the technique.

Reiki or QiGong Healing

Distant healing was known long before radionics was invented. Higher levels of QiGong healing enables the practitioner to heal over a distance. Reiki utilize also distant healing.

What’s the similarity? People who do not know what the principle of distant healing are willed to spend all their money to achieve a certain “level” channeled by a teacher. This “channeling” is a clever way to make money, because everyone has a innate ability to connect remotely to others. But in their ignorance (and maybe also motivated by their personal greed too) they refuse to take in knowledge, learn by themselves and they look for a shortcut. The vultures who fly in their vicinity are ready to give them what they seek. Poor people.

Bioresonance Therapy

This is not only similar, but it’s the very same as radionics, just using a more “medical terminology“. And there are a lot of radionic therapies with different “labels“, some of them dare to use “quantum” to make it sound super special.


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