Underground and Counterculture

Radionics in society belongs to the deep underground. You can ask 99% of the population and none of them knows the word “radionics“. They may know it by other words like “bioresonance” for example, but they believe it has to do with “magnetic radiation” and would never assiociate it to psionics.

Analyzing to which level radionics belongs, I came to this result (in Europe):

  • Conventional medicine (100%)
  • Homeopathy (50%) … astonishing high!
  • Acupuncture (45%)
  • Bach Flowers (8%)
  • Tuina, Meridian massage (3%)
  • Other energy essences from plants or spagyric (1%)
  • Radionics (under 1%)

Note the huge gap between Acupuncture and Bachflowers! It seems to follow a certain pattern. Bach flowers are regarded to have higher energy frequencies than homeopathy. Tuina is regarded as a higher form of massage, because it manipulates the energy paths directly. And well, homeopathy and acupuncture are well known in Europe thanks to the media. But Bach flowers is already bound to a subculture. Everything else, like spagyric or radionics can be found only at the margins of subculture, more inside counterculture or the underground.

I wish I would have more time to study radionics from the point of view of sociology.


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