Supercharge Radionics with QiGong

Everything is based on consciousness. Qi or life energy is consciousness. Consciousness is also awareness. The lack of awareness creates a blockage and illness. Then more qi you have, than more aware you are, than better is your radionics practice.

Qigong, qi gong, chi kung, or chi gung (see Wikipedia for more details) is the art of energy work which enhance life force, purifies it and transforms the energy to a higher level, from jing essence to qi to shen.

Jing is the essence of qi, a lower form which derives from the kidneys and is essentially hereditary. It get lost with time and with “loss of fluids” (for example ejaculation for the man, menstruation for the woman). This jing is transformed to qi, a higher and more common form of the life energy. After qi is transformed to shen, it enhance awareness to a much higher level.

Essentially these are the most important points you need to know for a successful QiGong training:

  • Standing meditation (Zhan Zhuang) is the foundation, the most simplest and powerful technique to build qi and dissolve blockages in your meridian system. Without this technique you will only do QiGong for “relaxing“. Every book or teacher which mentions standing meditation (Zhan Zhuang or the more powerful version is Horse Stance) just in a superficial way and jumps over to more “advanced” techniques like Microcosmic Orbit is teaching you a lie (a half truth). You need to invest time and work in order to build qi and accumulate it into your Dantian (the etheric battery in the center of the organism). And this technique helps to ground yourself, which helps to protect you.
  • Only after 6 months of standing meditation (assumed that you trained 30 minutes every day during this time without bigger interruptions) you can begin to work on the microcosmic orbit. At this time most of the major blockages in your systems are dissolved by Zhan Zhuang and your Dantian is already pumping a lot of energy through your meridians.
  • Your spleen meridian is what delivers the energy for yi, the energy for intention. This is what you need for radionics to work. If you eat too much cold food, drink cold beverages and alcohol, your spleen will suffer. Therefore learn how to help your spleen to work as efficient as possible. A healthy life-style without too much distraction (for example social networks, whatsapp etc) is essential for preserving the spleen energy.
  • Use TCM and Homeopathy along with Zhan Zhuang to heal yourself. If you are ill, you will not be able to balance the energy of others. Indeed if you are ill, then you should not practice radionics at all. Instead use your remaining energy to help yourself first.

After you have abundance of energy and a good health, your radionics practice will reach new levels. Distant healing was already known by QiGong practicionars in the past. Combining both creates a synergetic system.

If you build your own radionics device, think about the possibility to incorporate a energy battery of some kind. Water for example is able to store energy. Or a orgone accumulator. A more modern approach is to build a Joe Cell, the most advanced orgone accumulator, which starts as a electrolyte cell, but eventually transforms into a dynamic orgone accumulator. This technologies are jump start by your own qi. One reason why so many people are not able to reproduce the phenomenal effects.



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