Combining Supplements Pills with Radionics

Globulis or water are used in homeopathy as carrier substances for the immaterial information or morphic field link.

In radionics we could use supplements pills instead and combine both with a synergetic effect.

For example St John’s-wort could be combined with the homeopathic potency of Hypericum perforatum (latin name for St John’s wort), let’s say a C12, plus some gem essence like “Smoky Quartz”.

Such enhanced supplements pills could carry with them a “program” which prevents certain negative side effects. For example St John’s wort can provoce dentin hypersensitivity. A aetheric program could select from a list of acupuncture points the appropriate ones and gently stimulate them until the hypersensitivity is overcome or at least lessened. For more drastic side effects the program selects a remedy from a list of antidotes. In the case of St John’s wort the list includes: Ars., Cham. and Sulph.

Many supplements pills lacks the energetic counterpart once the drug is dried. Radionics is able to recover the energetic field, make it stronger and more active.

Especially a illness which implies a severe malnutrition based on a malabsorbtion of the organism can be treated with this kind of approach. Remember that in case of an illness a doctor should be consulted.



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