Do you really need a rate?

In social networks groups about radionics you will encounter this kind of question: “I need the rate for Pulsatilla for a base 10 device…” and usually someone answers in a few minutes with a rate, a sequence of base 10 numbers.

Rates represents the frequency of a energetic signature. A word or a image or alphanumeric sequence or a sound could represent this energetic signature too. So why do we need base 10 rates???

The answer is simple:


A device which is designed with rate dials and a stick pad helps the operator to analyze the energetic imbalance. Usually the operator rotates the dials while he search for stickiness on the stick pad or maybe he uses dowsing with a pendulum. The result are then the rate numbers. These represents the condition, the frequency, body parts, organs, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, and so on.

One of many alternatives to rate dials could be a sheet with a list of remedies. The operator scans the list from the top to the bottom with a ruler while he uses the pendulum or a stick pad. For this kind of analyze you don’t need rates, because the result is just the name of the remedy. And for broadcasting the remedy the operator writes the name of the remedy on a piece of paper. Easy as that.

Historically the radionics devices was build on the assumption that something electronic was going on, some sort of radiation, … therefore the word “radionics“. But it is still “psionics“. Modern engineers of radionic devices designs the devices in order to reinforce the intention and the focus of the operator and not to generate some sort of energy or radiation. Even if most devices contains resistors or capacitors, the real work is performed by the operator’s intention.

But I’m not against rates. They have a huge advantages. For example scanning through a sheet of remedy list would be faster than scanning for a rate if the list contains only 100 to 200 remedies (typically the Kent-List in homeopathy). But today we know 5000 remedies. Well then scanning for the rate is much faster than scanning from the top to the bottom of a 5000 long remedies list.

Also a rate is bound to a kind of morphic field, used by thousands of people in their radionic practice over many decades. Do not underestimate how strong such a “historical” morphic field can be. Did you know that the homeopathic pharmacy sells “historical remedies” from homeopaths like Fincke or Dunham? Homeopathic remedies can be copied by succussion or trituration many times. And so also remedies which was found in the laboratories of the old homeopaths. This remedies are older than 100 years and still work, sometimes even better than the newer ones.

Try to experiment with your own methods and try to find a better way for searching of “rates”. Radionics should not be dogmatic.


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