Open Source Radionics – Part 10 – AetherOne Modes

The Open Source Software for the radionic device “AetherOne” should have different modes. Now follows a list of modes which could be very useful when implemented.


  • Standalone Mode / Learning Mode
    No hardware plugged. Running on a normal PC. Hotbits are not available, but could be downloaded from a online service like, or some other dedicated service. Remember, hotbits, or True Random Numbers, are necessary for the analysis process and for a broadcasting too.
    This mode could use pseudorandom numbers for simulating the hotbits. Or a tablet / smartphone could be connected and a stick pad software deliver the randomness.
  • Audio Mode
    Every computer has a audio out. The AetherOne could use the audio out for broadcasting mp3 and wav files or generate it’s own frequencies and wave-form till to 20kHz. The “Audio Mode” will be available for the “Standalone Mode”, because in fact it is the same mode (just another name).
  • Arduino Uno Mode
    The Arduino Uno is plugged in and this hardware is able to broadcast different frequencies and wave-forms.
  • Arduino Uno and SD/Clock Shield Mode
    With the additional shield data can be stored and broadcasting can work with a scheduler!
  • Arduino Due Mode
    The Arduino Due has a build in True Random Number Generator, which is super great! With this hardware it is possible to generate your own hotbits for analysis and advanced broadcasting.
  • Raspberry Pi Embedded Mode
    AetherOne is running embedded inside the Raspberry Pi and it’s able to use it’s own TRNG and outputs pins. The software is used via WLan (if it’s the Pi 3) or directly if the Raspberry is connected to a monitor and a mouse / keyboard. Scheduling will also work, because it can be left alone.
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino Combo Mode
    Embedded in a Raspberry Pi and one or more Arduino’s are plugged into the Raspberry. This is the luxus mode 😉 which enables to broadcast and analyze multiple targets simultaneously.

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