Dark Force Rates

If you ever feel bad, don’t build a radionics machine at that time!!!


It is nice to believe that the world is made up of sunshine and lollipops and everything good, but such isn’t the case, and we are only fooling ourselves if we believe this. There are “Dark Force Rates” The next few paragraphs are taken from an excellent book on Radionics by the late  Donald Mattioda, a very skilled radionic practitioner. This is what he had to say about Dark Force Rates`

“The Dark Force Rates usually respond to treatment very rapidly. They tend to be psychic type negative thinking sent from those around us. Everytime you think a thought you create matter. Everytime you think a negative thought you create matter that draws energy from you and everything it touches. This is why it’s so important to stop being negative. Just don’t become emotional about the negatives that  are out there because when you start putting out the…

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