Open Source Radionics – Part 8 – Workflow

A workflow automates the single repeatable patterns in radionics, from the beginning by selecting a target or patient, analyzing (scanning) or predefined rate, broadcasting and finally cleansing, or even repeating a step if necessary.

Let’s make a example: in agriculture you have two trees which shows signs of illness.

tree1 tree2

Normally you would open your AetherOne Open Source Radionics Software (which does not exist yet, but wait a few weeks) and do the following steps:


This would mean you select tree one, connect to it’s morphic field, analyze by scanning through the different rates …


… and then start the broadcast or schedule a broadcast for a time in the future (usually at night, because then the connection is better) …


… and after that in a final step you cleanse your radionics device before you go on for the next target …


… but this requires time if you have to treat more trees manually.

A workflow function could go through each step for a list of targets and do exactly the same in automatic mode.


Inside the protocol the next day you could see what exactly the analyze result was for each tree and if the broadcast was successful.


Or you would see a summary on the dashboard.


Naturally we could check the efficacy of the workflow process and decide to repeat single steps manually.

A manual rate could be inserted …


… or inside the service menu you will find a print service for manual dowsing sheets …


If you have more ideas let me know. In the next few days I will develop the AetherOne basic functionalities which connects the software with the hardware and maybe next week we can even begin to test the analyze process.



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