Open Source Radionics – Part 6 – The Mind-Matter-Interface

Your mind generates physical reality by evaluating and choosing an outcome. It’s about decision and meaning. Synchronicity is the phenomenon only the mind can produce. Our universe is a framework for communication, which enables us to communicate a physical reality. In fact what we communicate, what we have in common, is space and time, better known as spacetime.

Than more minds are involved in the generation of the physical reality, than more stable it becomes. In our dreams we are the only observers and therefore we can manipulate the content, events and so on with ease. When we wake up the world we observe is stable because others observes it too. It becomes stable because many minds evaluates the same outcome of a prior uninformed matter, the prima materia.

When we sit in front of our radionics device we isolate our mind for a short time from this stability and enter a more fuzzy world, where we create on the metaphysical level a new context and we encourage the quantum system on the physical level to collapse in a specific order to form the answer. So the question (the context) provoke the outcome of the answer. This is the source of synchronicity.

Now for the stick plate the phenomenon is called “quantum friction“. It occurs even on a perfectly flat and smooth surface. A dowsing device depends on other phenomenons which exhibits stimulus on our muscular system. In this case our brain is in a quantum state (see microtubules).

But we should accelerate the analyze process using another similar quantum phenomena which is known as “quantum tunneling“.

Here we can use a diode already build inside the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, which is able to acts in conjunction with a hardware driver as a True Random Number Generator (TRNG).


The output will be mounted on /dev/hwrng. In the moment a observer (means the operator of the radionics device / software) gets mentally in touch with it, the entire circuit from the diode till to memory chips, digital interface, wlan and the display will be in a quantum state. The output of the TRNG are not bits, 0 or 1, but Qubits or HotBits. These are 0 and 1 at the same time. Only at the moment of observation they collapse to real determined 0 or 1 and become “real bits and bytes”.


The radionic device or “black box” assists us to create this “dream like state” on a much bigger level as in a high tech laboratory where scientists cools down atoms on almost zero. There is a good reason why the experiments of Jacques Benveniste and Luc Antoine Montagnier did not work well in presence of someone like James Randi. When such a skeptic person is inside the same room as a radionic practitioner a strange phenomena occurs known as the “Pauli effect“. Maybe the people from the science magazine Nature knew (at least in an intuitive way) that Randi would inhibit the effect of the operators mind on the experiment. I suspect that Montagniers DNA teleportation experiment was indeed a radionics effect. And homeopathy seems to be a radionic effect too. What else is affected by our mind in our everyday experience and we do not even notice.

In modern radionics the TRNG is the most useful technology. It’s delicate state deriving from a diode where quantum tunneling occurs replaces other methods like dowsing or the stick plate. At least as electric current is available.


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