Open Source Radionics – Part 4 – Analog or Digital?

I can remember the time when older people pronounced the word “computer” with a derogative undertone. Some of them was forced from their employer to learn to use the computer. Most of us cannot imagine how difficult it was for them to learn something entirely new after they have mastered their profession and was considered as the experts, and then suddenly they was the novice again.

A friend of mine is only ten years older than me. He was trained in technical drawing and worked for more than 15 years only with the drawing board. One day he was called into the office of his principal and got the news that the company will switch entirely to the new computer aided design (CAD). For some weeks he got additional training in CAD. He hated it first, but after a year he changed his mind. He could undo errors in the drawings with ease and manage more complex drawings with the help of the computer. Making copies of the drawing was easier than with the “analog” approach. So he learned to like computers, not love, only a preference.

On a different occasion he was forced to use the traditional drawing board once-only in another company until they set up his new working station. We talked at that day about the advantages and disadvantages of  “analog vs digital”. He would have lost a day of work if he didn’t have good skills in the traditional drawing board. But now he could never accomplish the same amount of work without the help of the computer.

Back in the 90s computer able to perform CAD was so expensive that laymen could not afford it. Now things have changed. Thanks to different advancements in the industry a computer is not only cheap but also easy to use and smaller than in the “old days”.

How can this be applied to radionics?

Imagine that you would give up the stick pad for a even more traditional method which was used by Abrams? Would you like to go back in the time where you needed a real person as witness and trying to find out what is wrong with your patient by tapping his abdomen for areas of dullness? Please give me a honest answer or leave the country!

For the sake of learning, in order to demonstrate the functioning, we can build one analog device … therefore I will prepare a tutorial which includes all steps and material lists necessary … and then upgrade it to digital one.

Let me explain what I mean. This is a simple design of a all-in-one transportable radionics device like you have seen it thousands of times:


The upgrade to a full digital one will be invisible from the outside. By embedding a small computer like the Raspberry Pi and connecting it to the various elements we will be able to use it for both purposes, analog and digital.


A computer will help you to:

  • Keep track of what you have done (protocol or diary function) and this is very useful in energetics and metaphysical work. Every homeopath will keep track of the symptoms and the remedies used and this helps to learn what has worked and what was rather useless.
  • Store in a database countless rates lists and more can be added with the time.
  • Analyzing! It can take over for you or just assist you, depending on the program.
  • Balance more persons while you take a walk, eat, sleep, and you can even program a certain workflow how the balancing should occur (more in part 5 software).

The next post will treat the software part. Do not be afraid, I will develop and open source the software for you. 😉

Maybe you have some ideas too? Let me know!


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