Immaterial, timeless and nonlocal

Samuel Hahnemann was a real skeptic inside the science community of his time. Epidemics like malaria was a huge thread to the public health. Many doctors published their insights on remedies on malaria in medical magazines and one article attracted Hahnemann’s attention. It was about the claim that the “flavor” of China (cinchona officinalis) was bitter and therefore it was a successful remedy against malaria.

You need to know what kind of man Hahnemann was. His character pushed him to criticize this claim which was of no scientific value. I could imagine that he was so angry about this nonsense, because so many other phytotherapeutic remedies are bitter, but none of them healed malaria fever.

Instead of writing a counter-attack article in the same magazine, his noble mind directed him towards a self prove of this remedy. He took a dose of China and he got malaria fever like symptoms. Then he diluted the remedy and again he got the same symptoms, this time a little bit stronger. Note that Hahnemann was a rigorous man, so when he diluted a remedy he also shook the bottle rigorously, which in homeopathy is called succussion. This was the birth of homeopathy.

From this time on remedies became immaterial and even stronger than in their raw material form.

But now dear reader think about the word “raw”. What is really raw? Are the chemical elements raw? Or are the protons raw? Or the electrons? Or the photons? Or is energy raw? You can do this endlessly, because the real raw is endless, it is indeed the mind, the fractal consciousness, the self similar, the mirror in front of another mirror.

And what is a vortex inside a bottle when it is rigorously shaken? A mirror!


The real raw or original is the idea.

From an idea the information derives and then also a form. If different forms are set in a relation to each other, the space “forms”. If there is something bigger behind it and it doesn’t become obvious to the consciousness who observers it, then a evolving process is necessary for putting one state to another in relation, time forms.

Then there is another aspect of reality, the free will. Not everything is in-formed and therefore indeterminated. This is the “prima materia”, the formless, which can be formed with our own ideas and will.

Let’s recapitulate … or let’s repeat, because thoughts can be subdued to an succussion process too, which is alchemical in it’s nature, a refinement … the original is timeless, it’s nonlocal and immaterial.

Does modern science sustain that something immaterial, timeless and nonlocal exist?


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