Gentry Smith – Secrets of Electronic Medicine

Gentry Smith is a self-described “mad-scientist” with a diverse and fascinating background in Electrical Engineering. He has been involved with parapsychology and metaphysics since age eight and has since then has designed and created many unusual devices. In the past he has worked with the US Navy’s Human-Dolphin communications project and designed & constructed high-tech alternative energy devices such as Reich Cloudbusters and gravity wave detectors and generators for bio-energy control. Gentry’s unique personal experiences will be the subject of the upcoming book, Phase Lock.

Notes from me:
Rife devices, as also all forms of “electronic medicine” therapies, belongs in the same folder as radionics. Because there is always intention at the base of why this devices works. Additional to the intention there is the application of some sort of energy, in this case electricity. For example the Reich’s Cloudbuster seems to be “passive” in nature, but they work through ionic energy from the atmosphere.


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