Arthur Hill Grimmer

Doctor Grimmer estimated that he treated several thousand cases of cancer during his career. Grimmer used radionics as a source of information about the potential curative properties of the remedy and to help him cure the case, and used “electronic homeopathy” in order to bring about homeopathic cures, especially with cancer. Grimmer became quite familiar with the method of Albert Abrams and employed that methodology in his medical practice. He also employed dowsing as a technique in his practice.

In addition to deep knowledge of Materia Medica, Grimmer liked to use a special electric method, a radionic device according to Abrams. In doing so, he also took measurements on the homeopathic medicine itself and divided them into 4 different electrical groups: positive, negative, bipolar and neutral. For example, effective drugs such as cadmium, conium or hydrastis, etc., would only come from the negative electrical group.
(Source: narayana)

A note from me: Dr. Grimmer got a very good knowledge in homeopathy. He used radionics to get a hint for a remedy, but he always checked what he analyzed with radionics against his profound knowledge in homeopathy.


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