Radionics vs Homeopathy

During the 40s and 50s radionics began to develop and with homeopathy they started to have a reciprocal influence upon each other. Many figures who were active in one therapy were also active in both during the 50s and 60s and were thus important in both fields.

Peter Morrell

If I would claim that the same mental intention used in radionics is responsible for the creation of homeopathic remedies, would you believe me?

My scientific paradigm is constantly evolving and this aspect was one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. How is it possible that radionic devices are able to copy a homeopathic remedy? And have this two techniques something in common?

It seems that during the process of dynamization, in the making of homeopathic remedies, the original substance represents only a kind of “trend”, helping the laboratory assistant to focus his intention, even if he or she are unaware of the real process which eventually binds the information (or morphic field) to the carrier substance.

In one of my experiments I have created a homeopathic remedies of Sulfur C1000 with a radionic device. When I proofed this remedy on me I could feel the effect of Sulfur and there was a difference in contrast to a “real Sulfur potency” which I bought from the pharmacy.  The impact of the radionic remedy was softer and lasted only a few days, but the real homeopathic remedy was stronger and deeper and lasted at least 2 weeks.

So the question is why are the traditional homeopathic remedies stronger than the radionic ones?

In traditional homeopathy more work is invested, more kinetic energy, more focus over a longer period of time. Normally a remedy is produced manually till to the potency C3 and only after that the remedy is potenticed in a machine till to potencies like the C1000. For a C1 it could require a few hours if it is done with trituration. Imagine if you would invest so much effort in a radionic made remedy? I can imagine that it would work also very good like the traditional one. At the end it always depends on how much effort you put into something.

Another difference between radionics and homeopathy is the “raw material” or the original substance. If you use a rate of a homeopathic remedy to broadcast to the target, the rate could be made from someone who never ever got some experience with this remedy and his focus / intention to bind or link the morphic field to the rate could be somehow very “abstract”. For example do you know what exactly Calcarea carbonica is? Some people would now answer, yes, it’s calcium … naaa, it’s a animal remedy! The fact is that most people do not realize or do not inquire to know the source of the remedies. So Calcarea carbonica is a sea remedy, it’s core sensation is “vulnerability”. You will not get this morphic field from pure CaCO3 (calcium carbonate). If a radionic engineer works on a new book of rates and thinks that this remedy is so simple and does not derive from a complex organism, than a important core component is missing. Therefore the traditional making of homeopathic remedies has it’s advantages regarding the purity of the link to the essence.

The traditional anamneses is also superior in most cases. It will lead through the particular symptoms of the individual towards a single remedy. Why use the stick pad of a radionic device if you can just ask questions and get direct answers? But sometimes you ask a question and the person avoids to expose his “secrets”. If there is a lot of shame blocking consciousness to communicate freely, then asking good question will not lead to the right remedy. Only if the therapist has a lot of experience he or she will be able to recognize patterns. But a radionic analyze here can be very helpful. Also a double check after a traditional anamneses is recommended. Even some conventional doctors use radionics in complicated cases.

I believe that radionics and homeopathy are perfect for each other.


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