AetherOne Analysis only Mode


I almost forgot to mention, that you don’t need to build the AetherOne in order to use it just for analysis. You could buy a Arduino and use it only for generating the hotbits. This is the AetherOne “light”.

How this is done is explained in the post “Build your own AetherOne“. Just skip the “building part”.


The History of Radionics, UKACO


UKACO was a company that started up in the late 1940’s and continued into the 1950’s.  It was formed by three men Curtis P. Upton, William J. Kunth, and Howard Armstrong. What was unique about UAKCO was they killed insects that were destroying farmer’s crops, not by spraying the crops with a ton of pesticide. They killed the insects using radionics, and did so with far more success and for a lot less money than  when the farmers sprayed  their fields.

The three men, Upton , Kunth, and Armstrong traveled rural areas of the United States telling farmers that they could get rid of various kinds of insect pests that were eating their crops better than the farmers could do with their chemical sprays.  Understandably the farmers were skeptical, but UKACO offered the farmers a contract that stated: “no control, no pay”. The farmers had nothing to lose if they weren’t…

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Stages of Consciousness – Advanced Radionics Analysis

James Tyler Kent and Vithoulkas divided the human being into 3 levels, body, emotions and mind. Indian philosophers way of categorizing the stages of consciousness was through the chakras, which are seven levels, physical body including the root of the spine (Muladhara), rhythmic emotions (Svadhishthana), personal power energy center (Manipura), aetheric center of the heart (Anahata), the transformative communication force (Vishuddha), the dualistic force expression (Ajna) and finally the pure consciousness center (Sahasrara). In the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) there are finer differences, a division of 2, 5 and 12, a lot more complex theory (jing, qi, shen, the three treasures). Modern concepts of homeopathic theory has adopted the chemical element theory as way of dividing the stages of consciousness into different categories, like the element theory of Jan Scholten and his contemporaries (Patricia Le Roux, Luc De Schepper and Ulrich Welte). Other ways of dividing consciousness into categories, for example new age fashioned ones like the “Cabala“, can be ignored, because of its cowardly hidden “political” motivations (they support the satanic propaganda. Good to know that his reign will not last another 1000 years!).

Radionics works through the intention of the operator, the mind establish a link to the other aspect of consciousness which is regarded as “another individual person” (see “Why Materialism is Baloney“, by Bernardo Kastrup). Because we are all interconnected on the collective subconsciousness level, remote analysis and broadcasting is possible without huge technological effort. We are aware of our individual needs and state of balance. When we are hungry we eat, when we are tired we sleep. But there are other aspects like our need to communicate, to get a hug or a kiss, to be loved, to know new things and have deeper insights, to be accepted as a member of a community, to be in peace with our creator and God in heaven, to be useful for the society, or just to be. This levels of consciousness can be out of balance. Sometimes the imbalance is more evident on just one specific level, expressed as a physical illness only, but no emotions and psychological symptoms are evident. You will then focus your intention on this level during analysis. In homeopathy different potencies are used for different levels of consciousness. Because the body is a abstract aspect of consciousness itself, a lower potency like C30 is perfect to limit its power on that level and bring so immediate relieve and stimulate the bodies own healing powers.

  • Body: C30, D1 – D60, LM1, Q1
  • Emotions: C200
  • Mind: C1000
  • —————————————————
  • Collective family: C10.000 (10K)
  • Collective city: C50.000 (50K)
  • Collective nation or culture: C100.000 (100K)
  • Collective planetary: C1.000.000 (1M)

As you can see the homeopathic potencies are divided into 7 stages too as the chakras. Indeed if you recognize a problem in the third chakra, a C1000 potency of the appropriate remedy will address this level and so save time and accelerate the healing. If the third chakra is out of imbalance, the thinking process is impaired. A too strong ego may obstacle clear thinking, or a too weak ego will not allow to put a thought into action.

As an example consider this analysis screen, it shows a composed analysis of homeopathic remedies and its general vitality in relation to the person. The intention was to clearly identify the next possible remedy necessary to help the balance of the third chakra (in the operators mind the focus was on the C1000 remedies, but you can also use your intention to say “third chakra” or “emotional level”).


The result was Carduus Marianus. Its a well known “organotropic” remedy by Burnett. Its action concentrates on the liver and spleen, therefore it was a good hit for the third level of the consciousness according the chakra theory, because the solar plexus is located near these two organs. It became evidently that it is the perfect remedy though only after checking the general vitality of each remedy in relation to the persons current GV, which was at that time 826. Carduus Marianus got the potential to raise it to 1332. The AetherOne has a special way to handle GV analysis, but this is the topic for a new post.

If you are deep into homeopathy and know the remedies well, you would know the special effect Carduus has for the person, especially for the problems regarding frustrations of their plans, when they try to achieve a goal and outer influences and situations hinders the fulfillment of their wish. They have a strong willpower, headstrong, they know what they want, they have a plan, and they want to achieve their goals. When someone or something gets in their ways they become angry. They are able to cope with such frustrating situations, a lot better than Nux-vomica for example, without to express their anger in a rude manner. They remain apparently calm for a long time. But somehow, if the situation which hinders the fulfillment of their plans persist, the energy of the liver gets stuck (in TCM the liver governs anger) and the blockage of the solar plexus affects nearby organs like the spleen too. Radionics analysis helps to recognize the right remedy and not only that, it helps to identify the right potency too. In this case the operator was aware of the level of consciousness which was out of imbalance, because he asked the patient about his physical symptoms and a problem with digestion and expanded abdomen was mentioned as a main problem. So he chose the C1000 “level” (third chakra) as his focus point during analysis. The remedy Carduus will help to broaden the vision (liver opens into the eyes) for more possibilities how to achieve the “masterplan”, without the constant feeling of being hindered in ones plans. Strength lies in peace.

If a person’s biggest problem is the inability to communicate with his family (his spouse included), the fourth chakra would be affected. One could say when communication is a problem, then check the fifth chakra or throat chakra, because this is the center of communication energy. Yes, this is true, but if you are a very good observer you would recognize one particular symptom, that the person communicates well with other people outside of the family, with friends and colleagues, but as soon he speaks with the family he get stuck, old injuries flames up and so on. This is a blocked heart chakra. Concentrate then on the fourth aspect of the being, the heart, where the “ether” begins to expand into the collective, the interface between the person and the collective. A C10.000 in homeopathy is the right potency. Other remedies has their characteristic feature on the heart, especially the family of the Rosaceae, the rose family.


Something in their past went wrong. Old injuries forces them to produce thorns, to protect themselves with harsh words, not allowing their loved ones to come near them. Radionics can help to balance this stage of consciousness, giving the impulse to heal old injuries, letting go of all the fights and misunderstandings. At this level you can use also Bach Flowers.

You need to know well your therapy method of choice. Radionics is a instrument which helps to get insight into the subconscious, especially into the collective subconsciousness. It will be of no help if you chose a rate database of a therapy method where you are not experienced. I studied homeopathy for over 20 years and therefore I use radionics in conjunction with radionics. If you are fit in Bach Flowers, use these rates for your analysis. Maybe you are a person who specialized on the heart level, then you will get the best results when focusing to heal from within this level. Dr. Burnett for example was a organotropist, someone who specialized in analyzing the state of the organ which is more on the lowest level of the physical reality, the first chakra. It doesn’t mean that the therapy with lower potencies is useless, it only means that the point of application is the organ energy itself. James Tyler Kent worked mostly with the C1000, so he was one who specialized in the mind, the willpower, the third chakra. Someone else could specialize in a higher sphere, like planetary consciousness, using only rare occasions to apply a 1M potency. It depends what kind of person you are. Mastery on any level will bring a huge benefit for all.

Cold-Scanning and Set-Scanning a Rate


While there are many books that contain thousands of rates for just about everything, there are times when you may want to scan for you own rates, this is where both set-scanning and cold-scanning come in very handy.

For example if you know the location of a condition or problem you want to balance, but don’t know what the problem is, or vice-versa, if you know what the problem is, but don’t know the location, set scanning can prove to be very helpful.

An example of the above statement would be if you had a sore throat, but didn’t know what was making your throat sore. In set-scanning you would find the rate for throat in a rate book. If you are working with single dial rates, the rate for the throat is -37. You would put -37 on the right hand dial of your radionic instrument ( the right…

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Tell people the truth about cancer

Our organism produce cancer as a way to prevent the worst case, which is deep depression. People have this bad attitude to combat everything, to kill and annihilate. They do this with “weed” too, but forget that every plant has a purpose in nature. Our body stores toxins in fat cells when it cannot cope with them, until the time comes when it will be able again to expel them (one reason for obesity). The same way cancer cells are produced for keeping a certain order when our energy is affected by dark spots. These energies are wrapped into a separate “organism”, which is the cell.

For example HATE is encapsulated into cancer cells with a own autonomic energy field, because this dark emotion could attack the own self and push one to suicide. So what is better? Suicide and the long dark way till to the cruel moment of doing it, or the encapsulation of this bad emotions in separated cells which we call “cancer”.

One might claim that the person who got cancer is not a bad person, sure I do not doubt this, but they was not able to metabolize the bad emotions all around them, from a society which is based on lies and deception.

A good therapy helps to regain physical strength, emotional stability and mental clarity. A good therapist is a person with heart, who is empathic. Radionics and homeopathy are very good approaches for targeting the very cause of illness (naturally not declining the allopathic therapy which can keep cancer growth under control).

Alternatives to the original Arduino microcontroller

The original Arduino Uno is a bit expensive, over 20 dollar. But there are alternatives. Because its open source hardware (and software), other manufactures build their own version. You need only to be careful about the compatibility. Some are 100% compatible, others lack some features or they need first a update for the USB driver.

Tip: always look in the reviews if it is 100% compatible!

Here is an example I purchased:

The Elegoo UNO costs only the half of the original one.

AetherOne and Dials


In this screenshot of the AetherOne 0007 you see 3 dials.

The dial DELAY controls actually the time between each “blinking” of the LEDs during the broadcasting. The broadcasting time is affected by this setting. Than higher the value, than longer the broadcasting time. A delay of 25 mean exactly power on for 25 ms and power off for 25 ms. After that the next blink follows with the same amount of time. Your OUTPUT contains text which is later transformed into numerical sequence (ASCII), like for example “apis”, this will be transformed into 97 112 105 115. The number 9 will make the white LED blink, 25ms on and 25ms off. The next number is 7, which is green, again 25ms on and 25ms off. And this is repeated for every number in the “signature”. The time spend in transmitting the signature of “apis” just once is 11 x 50ms = 550ms, a half second.

BROADCAST REPEATS is the setting for how often one sequence should be repeated during broadcast. The “apis” sequence required 550ms, but it will be repeated 72 times, which expands the broadcasting time to 72 x 550ms = 39.600 ms, almost 40 seconds.

MAX HITS is used for analysis. You select for example a database of 1000 entries. AetherOne assigns randomly (using hotbits from a true random number generator) each entry a point. At every cycle it checks if one of this entry received 10 points. This means that the maximum runs would be 1000 x 10 = 10.000. But usually only 2000 is required, or less if the focus was strong and intention precise. Than higher the MAX HITS, than more hotbits it will cost. If a database is too big, like 10.000 entries, and you choose a MAX HITS of 100, calculate 100 x 10.000 = 1.000.000, and take approximately 20%, which is 20.000 hotbits for one analysis.