Combining Supplements Pills with Radionics

Globulis or water are used in homeopathy as carrier substances for the immaterial information or morphic field link.

In radionics we could use supplements pills instead and combine both with a synergetic effect.

For example St John’s-wort could be combined with the homeopathic potency of Hypericum perforatum (latin name for St John’s wort), let’s say a C12, plus some gem essence like “Smoky Quartz”.

Such enhanced supplements pills could carry with them a “program” which prevents certain negative side effects. For example St John’s wort can provoce dentin hypersensitivity. A aetheric program could select from a list of acupuncture points the appropriate ones and gently stimulate them until the hypersensitivity is overcome or at least lessened. For more drastic side effects the program selects a remedy from a list of antidotes. In the case of St John’s wort the list includes: Ars., Cham. and Sulph.

Many supplements pills lacks the energetic counterpart once the drug is dried. Radionics is able to recover the energetic field, make it stronger and more active.

Especially a illness which implies a severe malnutrition based on a malabsorbtion of the organism can be treated with this kind of approach. Remember that in case of an illness a doctor should be consulted.



Open Source Radionics – Part 11 – 3D Printing the Advanced Well

In designing and planing my new radionics device I could not find a suitable part for the witness and target well. Some manufacturers uses simple pvc pipes which are big enough to contain a half liter bottle of medicine. But others has this little wells in which fits only the smaller laboratory beaker.

The well should be internally attached to a circuit and connected to or between the “information flow“. This can be accomplished by “scalar antennas” or “scalar coils” and with light emitting diodes (LEDs).


Fortunatelly 3D printing is not a engineer’s secret anymore and it’s becoming better and cheaper. You don’t even need to own a personal 3D printer, because there are plenty of printing services online. They check your 3D model if it can be printed, calculate the costs on upload and after one has choosen the material. If one choose the “economy” service it requires 2 weeks for printing and shipping, which is fast enough I guess.

The good thing is, that you can in future download your 3D model file (*.3ds) of the well from the internet (posted in facebook or in a open source repository like github) for free.

Another advandage of the 3D printing is the possibility to integrate a scalar wave antenna and some LEDs in the well. Imagine the possibilities!

I have already noticed some great 3D printed Rodin coils which are based on Marko Rodin’s math theory. Check his theory out on youtube:

Dogmatism in Radionics and Homeopathy

My personal experience has taught me a lesson: everyone has a restricted world view.

It’s rather normal and understandable that our world view only expands after certain conditions are present on the outside and inside level.

The outer conditions are the acceptance of scientific facts by the community and therefore the individual does not fear to loose his reputation if he accepts the new paradigm too. But as long the community refuse the new paradigm, the individual will fear to be labeled as a so called “quack” or pseudoscientist.

The inner conditions for the acceptance of a new scientific paradigm are more subtle and more difficult to recognize. A world view (or paradigm) represents also a stable framework on which one can build his own assumptions and thought patterns. To change the own world view radically, from materialism to idealism, from a classic newtonian physics world view to a new on mind based one, where the mind generates physical reality and can create nonlocal connections, such a radical change will require to radically change his own hard entrenched thought patterns. And idealism, even if it is based on mind and the immaterial, is not even the state of mind what is called “the spiritual man” in the Bible. It’s just a scientific worldview. And despite it is “just” a scientific worldview it can shake the inner world so much, that a huge resistance can build up if the inner framework of the individual is weak.

Dogmatism, dear reader, is not based on outer nor inner conditions, but on pretense!!!

A classic physics teacher can be convinced of the reality of quantum mechanics if he has enough time to think about it. There is a natural resistance based on outer and inner conditions, but give him enough time (some decades) and he will eventually understand the spookiness of the atomic level.

A classic orthodox medical practitioner will for sure believe in the effectiveness of homeopathy (even if there is no molecule inside the high potency) if he made his own experience and a “new world” opens for him up like a flower opens his petals when the sun shines.

And yes, every man and woman can accept the fact that radionics works if the outer and inner conditions are present for the acceptance of this new paradigm, that nonlocality is the norm, that synchronicity is the aftereffect of connection between many minds over long distance, that the mind can tune in nonlocal and invisible fields for analyzes and balancing.

When does dogmatism occur?

Before I answer this question regarding radionics or homeopathy (I now regard them as one in my personal world view), let’s strife through history in search for the most dogmatic empire we can find and analyze what their reasons was for their dogmatism.

As Enda Kenny (former Taoiseach of Ireland) once said about this criminal institution “dysfunction, disconnection and elitism that dominates the culture of the Vatican to this day” and “the historic relationship between church and state in Ireland could not be the same again” … but he didn’t mention the historic facts that are about the deepest blood guiltiness:

Decree of the Council of Toulouse (1229 C.E.): “We prohibit also that the laity should be permitted to have the books of the Old or New Testament; but we most strictly forbid their having any translation of these books.”

Ruling of the Council of Tarragona of 1234 C.E.: “No one may possess the books of the Old and New Testaments in the Romance language, and if anyone possesses them he must turn them over to the local bishop within eight days after promulgation of this decree, so that they may be burned…”

Proclamations at the Ecumenical Council of Constance in 1415 C.E.: Oxford professor, and theologian John Wycliffe, was the first (1380 C.E.) to translate the New Testament into English to “…helpeth Christian men to study the Gospel in that tongue in which they know best Christ’s sentence.” For this “heresy” Wycliffe was posthumously condemned by Arundel, the archbishop of Canterbury. By the Council’s decree “Wycliffe’s bones were exhumed and publicly burned and the ashes were thrown into the Swift River.”

Fate of William Tyndale in 1536 C.E.: William Tyndale was burned at the stake for translating the Bible into English. According to Tyndale, the Church forbid owning or reading the Bible to control and restrict the teachings and to enhance their own power and importance.

Despite the fact that the Bible says this words in the first chapter of Psalm …

Blessed is the one
who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take
or sit in the company of mockers,
but whose delight is in the law of the Lord,
and who meditates on his law day and night.
That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither,
whatever they do prospers.

the Church brutally murdered every human being who tried to translate the Latin version of the Bible into a modern language.

The Church reasons for dogmatism, in the past and still today, are based on their greed for power and money. Simple as that!

At the very moment the Bible was available to the laity, the church lost his power. It even laid the foundation for his future destruction. All the power over the people is gone with the fear of a burning hell which was never mentioned in the Bible and only an invention of the Roman Church.

And whenever we encounter real dogmatism, in science, in medicine, in homeopathy, in radionics, in religion or even in art, it’s about power and money … or at least for fame and glory and a huge ego. Again, simple as that!

Dogmatism in radionics and homeopathy

Naturally the cases of dogmatism in radionics and homeopathy didn’t led to murder … but it occurred and it’s still exist and it exhibits a very bad influence on this fine art and science. For example dogmatism in this field promotes pseudoscience and it restricts the benefits of this healing art.

I believe that we have reached a point of critical mass where enough people recognize the truth and the patterns about dogmatism. Inside alternative medicine whenever one claims to have found a new “truth” or “method” and stamps a “registered trademark symbol” on it, their motives are for money and only for money. Homeopathy is free, it’s based on a universal law and it cannot be restrained or limited for it’s use by a human law. Likewise radionics is based on a very similar law like that of homeopathy and how dare some people to claim that only their device works and then they sell it for 10.000 dollar. Oh money is a good motivation for dogmatism.

Dr. Albert Abrams was a wealthy man and he was in a very favorable condition for promoting a new paradigm. He didn’t sold his devices for making money and he didn’t make a mystery about how they work. Everyone could open the devices and rebuild them. Take for example some producers of radionic devices today, not only they claim that their devices works on some science the laymen would never understand, by labeling them as “quantum-xyz-super-duper-device”, but also they prohibit explicitly to open them. The customers would be surprised to see the interior of this black boxes.

I’ve seen dogmatism in homeopathy in the schools of alternative medicine, but the biggest dogmatism exists in radionics, because there the money is made by selling devices. In homeopathy the remedies are made by so many different laboratories and pharmacies, that a healthy competition prevents such dogmatic patterns. Every homeopath has it’s own preference regarding the producer of homeopathic remedies and so there is a limit for dogmatism. This is assured also by the clear words of Samuel Hahnemann in his “Organon” where he describes in every particular detail how to produce homeopathic remedies. So no secrets no dogmatism.

Radionics is still a “secret art“. Dogmatism is much stronger in radionics that in homeopathy due the secretiveness.

For example a lot of devices exists that are labeled as “bioresonance“, “rife” or “orgone device” but in reality they are radionics devices. The problem is that people denies the radionic aspect of their devices because else they would loose customers.

Some devices designed for identifying explosives was sold to Iran and Israel and the producer of this devices suppressed the fact that these devices was indeed radionic devices. They trained the operators well which was included in the high cost of these devices. But apparently they made a lot of money by selling for each type of explosive a different memory card. If they would have told their customers that these was radionics devices they would have been shot in the head right away (you don’t mess with Iran’s military).

Other manufacturer design their devices in a way they look exactly like medical devices and with pseudomedical labels. Bioresonance is a perfect example for this. Dogmatism occurs in the moment you answer them specific questions or even if you mention the word “radionics”. They will lie you in your face by claiming incredible pseudoscientific absurdities and they become angry and raise their voice in a hysterical manner.

Homeopathy and radionics are already labeled as pseudoscience by the mainstream science, because it cannot be explained with the materialistic paradigm. But inside the radionics community you will not have paradisiacal conditions, because of the huge ego of some individuals who enjoy their priest-like status of some strange sect or religious organization. If it’s not the power and the money, then it’s at least the huge ego based on inferiority complexes.

A very common pattern of dogmatism is to hush the person who asks questions or wants to talk about certain critical aspects of a science by denying him to go further, claiming that this aspects was “already discussed enough” … WHAT? … so did I come to late to the party? Discussing for the thousands time what rate a specific flower has is fine, but to discuss the operators role and his intent in radionics is kind of taboo. You will encounter resistance on different levels if you touch the source of money which flows freely in the world of unknown and misuses the ignorance of laymen.

As I said, a paradigm needs time for change, but dogmatism is a pretense, it’s based on a hypocritical mind, on a lower level of consciousness. Such a mind cannot be convinced about higher truths or hidden aspects. Greed is what it is, low level, stupid, blinkered.

Simplicity is a good sign for a open mind

In recent time I have read some really good books about radionics which mentioned the role of the operators intent and their devices. The explanation was simple and straightforward, without hiding the true nature of radionics.

Simplicity is not contrary to complexity, because on the base of every complex system is a simple basis. Reality is interwoven but simple at it’s base. On contrary a lie is complicated, because it has many layers and each layer protects the next layer with another lie. There is no simplicity in a lie, it’s complicated. You will encounter a lot of contradictions in a complicated matter. And the reaction is always the same, it’s anger when you reach for the core.

Try to ask a dogmatic person his very reasons and motivations. He will get angry.

Try to ask a open minded person for his reasons and motivations and he will be delighted to answer you all your questions without hesitation. Without secrets and hidden motives the interview is a great pleasure.

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Do you really need a rate?

In social networks groups about radionics you will encounter this kind of question: “I need the rate for Pulsatilla for a base 10 device…” and usually someone answers in a few minutes with a rate, a sequence of base 10 numbers.

Rates represents the frequency of a energetic signature. A word or a image or alphanumeric sequence or a sound could represent this energetic signature too. So why do we need base 10 rates???

The answer is simple:


A device which is designed with rate dials and a stick pad helps the operator to analyze the energetic imbalance. Usually the operator rotates the dials while he search for stickiness on the stick pad or maybe he uses dowsing with a pendulum. The result are then the rate numbers. These represents the condition, the frequency, body parts, organs, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, and so on.

One of many alternatives to rate dials could be a sheet with a list of remedies. The operator scans the list from the top to the bottom with a ruler while he uses the pendulum or a stick pad. For this kind of analyze you don’t need rates, because the result is just the name of the remedy. And for broadcasting the remedy the operator writes the name of the remedy on a piece of paper. Easy as that.

Historically the radionics devices was build on the assumption that something electronic was going on, some sort of radiation, … therefore the word “radionics“. But it is still “psionics“. Modern engineers of radionic devices designs the devices in order to reinforce the intention and the focus of the operator and not to generate some sort of energy or radiation. Even if most devices contains resistors or capacitors, the real work is performed by the operator’s intention.

But I’m not against rates. They have a huge advantages. For example scanning through a sheet of remedy list would be faster than scanning for a rate if the list contains only 100 to 200 remedies (typically the Kent-List in homeopathy). But today we know 5000 remedies. Well then scanning for the rate is much faster than scanning from the top to the bottom of a 5000 long remedies list.

Also a rate is bound to a kind of morphic field, used by thousands of people in their radionic practice over many decades. Do not underestimate how strong such a “historical” morphic field can be. Did you know that the homeopathic pharmacy sells “historical remedies” from homeopaths like Fincke or Dunham? Homeopathic remedies can be copied by succussion or trituration many times. And so also remedies which was found in the laboratories of the old homeopaths. This remedies are older than 100 years and still work, sometimes even better than the newer ones.

Try to experiment with your own methods and try to find a better way for searching of “rates”. Radionics should not be dogmatic.

How Radionics Was More Successfull in Combating the Spruce Budworm Than Chemical Spraying.

“It was decided to use an insect hormone called Juvabione … known as an ovicide (egg killer). Juvabione is a natural substance secreted by the white spruce trees as a protection against insects.”

It’s always interesting to learn from the experience of others and how their approach was to solve a problem.


The time 1976. The place, a province on the Eastern coast of Canada, New Brunswick.  The problem, many years of infestation and destruction of the province’s forests by an insect known as the spruce budworm.

Spruce Budworm


After many years of spraying insecticide in the forests of New Brunswick, Canada to control the spruce budworm infestation, the infestation had only become steadily worse.

In the beginning of the chemical spray program in the 1950’s DDT was used, DDT may have killed some of the budworms, but it killed many other things too, including the natural predators of the budworm, the birds that ate them. Later on, chemicals other than DDT were used, but the millions of acres of forests were still being ravaged by the budworm, add to this that many people in rural areas, who lived next to forests being sprayed were becoming ill, some especially children even dying. Although…

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Dark Force Rates

If you ever feel bad, don’t build a radionics machine at that time!!!


It is nice to believe that the world is made up of sunshine and lollipops and everything good, but such isn’t the case, and we are only fooling ourselves if we believe this. There are “Dark Force Rates” The next few paragraphs are taken from an excellent book on Radionics by the late  Donald Mattioda, a very skilled radionic practitioner. This is what he had to say about Dark Force Rates`

“The Dark Force Rates usually respond to treatment very rapidly. They tend to be psychic type negative thinking sent from those around us. Everytime you think a thought you create matter. Everytime you think a negative thought you create matter that draws energy from you and everything it touches. This is why it’s so important to stop being negative. Just don’t become emotional about the negatives that  are out there because when you start putting out the…

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Open Source Radionics – Part 10 – AetherOne Modes

The Open Source Software for the radionic device “AetherOne” should have different modes. Now follows a list of modes which could be very useful when implemented.


  • Standalone Mode / Learning Mode
    No hardware plugged. Running on a normal PC. Hotbits are not available, but could be downloaded from a online service like, or some other dedicated service. Remember, hotbits, or True Random Numbers, are necessary for the analysis process and for a broadcasting too.
    This mode could use pseudorandom numbers for simulating the hotbits. Or a tablet / smartphone could be connected and a stick pad software deliver the randomness.
  • Audio Mode
    Every computer has a audio out. The AetherOne could use the audio out for broadcasting mp3 and wav files or generate it’s own frequencies and wave-form till to 20kHz. The “Audio Mode” will be available for the “Standalone Mode”, because in fact it is the same mode (just another name).
  • Arduino Uno Mode
    The Arduino Uno is plugged in and this hardware is able to broadcast different frequencies and wave-forms.
  • Arduino Uno and SD/Clock Shield Mode
    With the additional shield data can be stored and broadcasting can work with a scheduler!
  • Arduino Due Mode
    The Arduino Due has a build in True Random Number Generator, which is super great! With this hardware it is possible to generate your own hotbits for analysis and advanced broadcasting.
  • Raspberry Pi Embedded Mode
    AetherOne is running embedded inside the Raspberry Pi and it’s able to use it’s own TRNG and outputs pins. The software is used via WLan (if it’s the Pi 3) or directly if the Raspberry is connected to a monitor and a mouse / keyboard. Scheduling will also work, because it can be left alone.
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino Combo Mode
    Embedded in a Raspberry Pi and one or more Arduino’s are plugged into the Raspberry. This is the luxus mode 😉 which enables to broadcast and analyze multiple targets simultaneously.

Open Source Radionics – Part 9 – SingleWell


Radionic devices was build with two wells, one for the witness and one for the trend, or with multiple wells (typically used in agriculture), or with single wells.

The single well design is used in most cases for creating homeopathic remedies, with other words as output only device.

There is a possibility that we can use it for both, the target and the source. This is possible because a software can record the signature of the witness. After that it can be removed from the well and a carrier material like globulis can be placed in the single well.

What is a Radionic Rate


There are books available with thousands of rates for almost everything,  but  what are radionic rates?  Where did they originate?  Why are some only single numbers,( such as -70 for the heart) while others are double numbers, ( 24-4 is the rate for calcium) and still others are a combination of two and sometimes three two-dial rates together ( 87.20-59.50 and 52.75-43.40 is the rate for The Spirit of Love). Also  why are the Base 10 Rates popular in the U.K, ( 25911 is the rate for Iron)  different from the rates used on Hieronymus type instruments such as the Kelly instruments ( 49-27 is the rate for Iron on a Hieronymus type instrument).  There are books available with thousands of rates for almost everything. There are rates for various parts of the physical body, rates for different minerals and vitamins, rates for different conditions and pathogens, etc. You name…

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Open Source Radionics – Part 8 – Workflow

A workflow automates the single repeatable patterns in radionics, from the beginning by selecting a target or patient, analyzing (scanning) or predefined rate, broadcasting and finally cleansing, or even repeating a step if necessary.

Let’s make a example: in agriculture you have two trees which shows signs of illness.

tree1 tree2

Normally you would open your AetherOne Open Source Radionics Software (which does not exist yet, but wait a few weeks) and do the following steps:


This would mean you select tree one, connect to it’s morphic field, analyze by scanning through the different rates …


… and then start the broadcast or schedule a broadcast for a time in the future (usually at night, because then the connection is better) …


… and after that in a final step you cleanse your radionics device before you go on for the next target …


… but this requires time if you have to treat more trees manually.

A workflow function could go through each step for a list of targets and do exactly the same in automatic mode.


Inside the protocol the next day you could see what exactly the analyze result was for each tree and if the broadcast was successful.


Or you would see a summary on the dashboard.


Naturally we could check the efficacy of the workflow process and decide to repeat single steps manually.

A manual rate could be inserted …


… or inside the service menu you will find a print service for manual dowsing sheets …


If you have more ideas let me know. In the next few days I will develop the AetherOne basic functionalities which connects the software with the hardware and maybe next week we can even begin to test the analyze process.