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My critics are legion. Here is a video by one of them after I filed a takedown notice that made the offending video go viral . .

John Benneth (Bandershot) is a Bag o’ Nuts

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John is right, bad judgment is increasing, denial is increasing, truth is a bitter taste in the mouth of most people, especially for whom has a certain power and influence. The proof for homeopathy already existed since 1966 and it was repeatedly proved during this time. But once one decides to believe in a materialistic system, facts are denied, even if they are before ones own eyes. Interesting the story about the magician who just didn’t want to read the proof John gave him.

The John Benneth Journal

08/27/18 See it once, you’ll see it again, physical tests for homeopathy reveal the impossible possible, the further East I go, the better i’m treated. the monomaniacal god, Rapa Nui of Easter Island, James Randi, the million dollar offer, John McCain

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Coincidentally 43 and physics of the new immunology

The John Benneth Journal

Twenty minutes with the coincidental man, 43, on proof for homeopathy through physics, supramolecular chemistry, the electron, the new immunology

Regarding resonance, the 43-tone scale was invented by Harry Partch in which the scale of musical intervals begins with absolute consonance (1 to 1) and gradually progresses into an infinitude of dissonance, the consonance, the pleasantness of the intervals

Here is an example of 43 tone scale music.

The Quadrangularis Reversum, one of Partch’s instruments featuring the 43-tone scale

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How to Organize the Materia Medica

John Benneth inteviews master practitioner of homeopathy Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj, who has treated thousands of patients in India, Australia the U.K. and throughout the world, including epidemics. Here he talks about redesigning the materia medica along a chronopathic design, and tell about a dramatic case in the use of similia.


Complication is sign of ignorance!

We don’t need their* recognition!
(* of scholasticism or skeptics community)


Is Radionics PseudoScience?

A provocative question and here is my provocative answer:


What? Did you expect a long discourse on quantum mechanics and the fabric of reality? Who am I who should contribute to your consensus reality? I do what I want to do. Period!

Joke apart. Now the thing is that “radionics” is just a word describing a historically misinterpreted phenomenon. Dr. Abram thought at his time that there was some kind of radio waves traveling around and delivering a healthy signal.

The truth is, that most explanations regarding radionics are indeed pseudoscience.

Pseudoscience consists of statements, beliefs, or practices that are claimed to be both scientific and factual, but are incompatible with the scientific method. Pseudoscience is often characterized by contradictory, exaggerated or unfalsifiable claims; reliance on confirmation bias rather than rigorous attempts at refutation; lack of openness to evaluation by other experts; and absence of systematic practices when developing theories, and continued adherence long after they have been experimentally discredited.
(Wikipedia on Pseudoscience)

It was during the 70s when pseudoscience got his biggest hype, influenced by the false religion movement of the New Age (Age of Aquarius … just another Dagon cult of a dying god). Pseudoscientific claims prevails over reasoning in such a atmosphere of occult and mystical surrounding, driven by drugs like LSD and cannabis. You can imagine that there was also a kind of hidden agenda behind that all, because new religions have their purpose to mold and prepare the sheep to accept a new kind of world order.

In order to put it all in the right perspective: Most claims of the so called modern science are pseudoscience.


  • Evolution theory … its not a theory, no proof exist, its based on legends and myths, missing links, huge gaps, overly exaggerated claims which are not proven and which are incompatible with scientific method, a hidden agenda drives it for the purpose of a false religion and protected by a shield of dogmatism (panpsychism, a impersonal force brings forth evolutionary changes, see the movie 2001 by Stanley Kubrick … even the Vatican named it as one of the 45 best films ever made)
  • Big Bang … nobody can prove it, its pseudoscience, again its all about “impersonality“, and billions of dollar are spend for altars named as “particle accelerators
  • Materialism, aka atomism, aka scientism … the word derives from the Latin word “mater” which means “mother“. You know the opposite of father was regarded as mother in ancient times. In reality the mother is a part of the father if we trace it genetically back, because the man has X and Y chromosomes, the woman has only X, so the biblical story of Adam and Eve has a genetically evidence, because the woman was made out of the man (see Genesis, chapter 2 or study a bit of biology how testosterone is split into estrogen). In Alchemy the father represents the spirit, the mother the body which receives the spirit. Now we live in a world of “isolation” and “reductionism“,  where a father is not accepted anymore. See how scientists like Rupert Sheldrake or Wilhelm Reich was treated by the so called “science community“?! Or what about Montagnier and his experiments with DNA teleportation? Touch the spirit and you touch the weak point of materialism!

Radionics is similar to homeopathy. The biggest mistake we can do is to get to the lowest level of materialism and try to explain with their pseudoscientific terms how such a technology works, how metaphysics works, how spirit works. It cannot be explained with materialism. It will always end in a pseudoscientific explanation diarrhea, which should be avoid at all cost. There are no radio waves emitting by the black box. Admit it!

Mining the Kosmotrope

Google for Josephson and the first hit is “Brian David Josephson” … I quote Wikipedia: best known for his pioneering work on superconductivity and quantum tunnelling, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973 for his prediction of the Josephson effect, made in 1962 when he was a 22-year-old PhD student at Cambridge University.


Josephson’s reputation for promoting unorthodox causes was cemented by his support for the ideas of water memory and cold fusion, both of which are rejected by mainstream scientists. Water memory is purported to provide an explanation for homeopathy; it is mostly dismissed by scientists as pseudoscience, although Josephson has expressed support for it since attending a conference at which French immunologist Jacques Benveniste first proposed it.

Thanks God these materialistic “scientists” are soon history, fertilizer for my garden. It would be better to just admit the overwhelming amount of evidence that WE DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING!

All pseudoskeptics demonstrates similar patterns in their behaviour and I bet that a blood analysis would reveal a considerable higher amount of alumina as normal or open minded human beings.

The John Benneth Journal

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89. The law of similars follows the laws of electromagnetism, like Coulomb’s law, i.e. opposite poles attract, like repel; similar magnetic fields annihilate, thus laws of curative medicine are Electromagnetic.


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How to focus on intention for analysis

AetherOne drives its analysis with hotbits, TRNG generated data, pure natural randomness, which are ordered by the intention of the operator. The order resembles a meaning and this can be interpreted by the operator.

Randomness normally follows a certain pattern, known as Gaussian function, or more precise the probability density function, which looks like this:


Or in AetherOne this would be expressed by a slow decreasing hit number, like

10 rate a
9 rate b
9 rate c
9 rate d
8 rate e

A faster decrease is a sign for a higher order, like in this example:


As you can see it jumps from 10 to 7 and 6. Be careful, the analysis does not show always as the best hit on the top. It also could be on the bottom, in the middle, or all rates have one common theme or symptom.

Now how can you enhance your focus and increase your intention?

Sometimes you need to use speech and gesture, just like a Italian pitchman on a market in Naples. This will activate more parts of your brain as just sitting there and trying to focus. Even only to imagine to speak and gesture what you intent will increase your focus.

Another method is to draw or doodle something on paper while focusing on your intention. This is not only very powerful, but you will have a intention bound on paper, which can be used in another time.

A third method is to use music. Do you play a instrument? I love electronic music and I use my synthesizers occasionally to create a very good focus on my intention.

General Vitality after Sport


General vitality is a dynamic value that makes only sense if you check it in relation to other values, like that of general vitality according to the intake of homeopathic remedies (or better the GV after the potential intake). My GV was after sport 962 and the relative value regarding 5 homeopathic remedies I usually use for different issues was a less than my initial measurement.

Conclusion: sport is a very good remedy. Don’t forget the basics for good health. But ask your doctor for a checkup before you start with sport, especially if you have a heart disease.

The value of meaning in radionics analysis of homeopathic remedies

A friend asked regarding using the AetherOne software for analyzing a homeopathic similimum:

If a person uses the program and has no homeopathic knowledge – would they just broadcast the top scorers to the client?

In this case the analysis would bring up whatever seems to make sense for the operator. Example, if you know well the James Tyler Kent materia medica, which is a list of 180 remedies and you practice just with these remedies, then you will feel more comfortable with this remedy list. The analysis driven by the TRNG and psychokinesis brings up result which makes sense inside this context.

Then other practitioners would rather prefer a larger materia medica, like for example the John Henry Clarke, because they have studied another level of the materia medica, like the families of plants and the groups of minerals, or even the new homeopathic insights of Jan Scholten. With over 1000 remedies one needs to know what the common themes of groups and families are in order that such a analysis would make sense.


For this reason I have inserted different rate lists for the AetherOne. Some rate lists are rather small and well known, like the ENERGY_chakra list, or the MIASM. Others are huge, like that of HOMEOPATHY_COMPLETE with 3181 remedies. The operator choose what he knows and what would make sense for him or her.

If someone is willed to experiment and to use a Clarke materia medica, but without the deeper knowledge in homeopathy, then the AetherOne would bring forth two possibilities of results:

a) something which makes no sense

b) a list of remedies which are all connected to each other and form a complete picture

In the case of “a” the operator just “played around” and therefore the result was accordingly of no value.

Or in the case of “b” the operator was willed to learn more and his intention was to add research time to the analysis. Then the outcome of the analysis process will make sense. This is the “meaning” of the overall context. With our mind we connect the dots, the hotbits (or qbits) derived from a TRNG like the Arduino will collapse to a determined state and they will make “sense“, they will communicate a “meaning“.

Example I analyzed the reason why a organism is generally unable to reabsorb an abscess. I focused a few seconds on this task only and I was willed to spend one hour of research additionally to this analysis for gaining a deeper understanding. The result can be seen in the screenshot with my notes:


The “snake” and “iodum” reoccurred in all remedies. As we know from the materia medica about Lachesis, they suffer a lot from abscesses. And Iodum is related to snake remedies, because of their 5th chakra problems, the throat. Lachesis loves fresh air and don’t like tight clothing, especially not around their throat. Also the poison of Lachesis dissolves the flesh, which causes abscesses. Iodum is all about “letting go” and its affected by “consumption” (not enough energy in its end stage).

Iod. and Kali iod., which are complementary to Lyc., are probably complementary to Lach. K. iod. has the diffused sensitiveness of Lach.
(John Henry Clarke on Lachesis)

Therefore I recommend to always check the materia medica in order to learn at least more about the remedy before to broadcast it. The intention of the operator should be to acquire knowledge and insight of the process which has brought forth the imbalance and then act accordingly with a research session after the analysis session.

Magic of Signs: A Nonlocal Interpretation of Homeopathy

Harald Walach (born 1957) is Professor for Research Methodology in Complementary Medicine at Viadrina European University Frankfurt (Oder).

He has written a article for the Society for Scientific Exploration explaining that homeopathy cannot be explained by “local interpretation“, because locality and material causality are inadequate paradigms to describe something which acts outside of these framework.

Causality is and was always a hot topic in metaphysics. The question if causality requires locality or not is what divides materialists from idealists. According to Hume and Ockham causality is something which happens in our mind.

According to some researcher distant healing is possible via the general connectedness of beings. This kind of awareness still exist in almost all aboriginal people. In modern time Schopenhauer, Carl Gustav Jung and Wolfgang Pauli referred to nonlocality for explaining a good portion of the phenomena experienced in science and psychology.

There are different so called layers of consciousness. The “magical” consciousness is what connects to the boundaries of the general connectedness of beings (we could describe it as the collective subconsciousness), then there is the mythical phase of consciousness and finally the mental consciousness, which is the analytical consciousness. The mental consciousness has achieved great technological progress but at the cost of loosing the roots to the mutual connectedness and to nature.

Synchronicity depends on the subjective meaning, which relates inner psychological state and outer physical even

And then Professor Walach mentions Carl Jung’s ideas on synchronicity, which are also explained by Isuret Polos’s idea of synchronicity and homeopathy, that events correlated to inner states of the mind are linked to a meaning. The temporal coincidence “simply makes the experience more striking.

In his article he comes to the insight that … “The synchronicity occurs when the semiotic process, the “understanding of the case” in the homeopath, generates a meaning.

Do you recognize the similarity between radionics?