Gentry Smith – Secrets of Electronic Medicine

Gentry Smith is a self-described “mad-scientist” with a diverse and fascinating background in Electrical Engineering. He has been involved with parapsychology and metaphysics since age eight and has since then has designed and created many unusual devices. In the past he has worked with the US Navy’s Human-Dolphin communications project and designed & constructed high-tech alternative energy devices such as Reich Cloudbusters and gravity wave detectors and generators for bio-energy control. Gentry’s unique personal experiences will be the subject of the upcoming book, Phase Lock.

Notes from me:
Rife devices, as also all forms of “electronic medicine” therapies, belongs in the same folder as radionics. Because there is always intention at the base of why this devices works. Additional to the intention there is the application of some sort of energy, in this case electricity. For example the Reich’s Cloudbuster seems to be “passive” in nature, but they work through ionic energy from the atmosphere.

The search for the simillimum in homeopathy has no short cuts

I’ve developed a radionic device which makes use of a True Random Number Generator (TRNG) for picking up a homeopathic remedy out of a list of thousands. This method replace in part the stick pad. But it’s purely experimental. I will explain why.

In a particular case I searched for a remedy which alleviates the pain of corns under the feet. The list of remedies contains more than 2000 entries. The device picked up “Ranunculus bulbosus” which is the perfect match not only for the physical symptoms but also for the emotional characteristics for the person I analyzed. Indeed I learned something new about the person through this remedy picture.


If I would have used my good and old Kent Repertory, the classic technique of repertorization, then I could have found symptom entries like these ( all contain ran-b):

Extremities, corns, burning (p. 969)
Extremities, corns, horny (p. 969)
Extremities, corns, sore (p. 970)

In this case the use of the radionic analyze was safe, because it was only about a painful corn. But what about the more difficult cases?

The truth is, there is no shortcut, neither in radionics nor in homeopathy! You should always be aware that you will need time and energy to analyze and heal. A fast radionic analyze as also a fast repertorization will help only for a easy case. Take the time necessary to formulate the right questions, to get into the mood, to make plans if the analyze fails (yes, it will eventually fail).

Arthur Hill Grimmer

Doctor Grimmer estimated that he treated several thousand cases of cancer during his career. Grimmer used radionics as a source of information about the potential curative properties of the remedy and to help him cure the case, and used “electronic homeopathy” in order to bring about homeopathic cures, especially with cancer. Grimmer became quite familiar with the method of Albert Abrams and employed that methodology in his medical practice. He also employed dowsing as a technique in his practice.

In addition to deep knowledge of Materia Medica, Grimmer liked to use a special electric method, a radionic device according to Abrams. In doing so, he also took measurements on the homeopathic medicine itself and divided them into 4 different electrical groups: positive, negative, bipolar and neutral. For example, effective drugs such as cadmium, conium or hydrastis, etc., would only come from the negative electrical group.
(Source: narayana)

A note from me: Dr. Grimmer got a very good knowledge in homeopathy. He used radionics to get a hint for a remedy, but he always checked what he analyzed with radionics against his profound knowledge in homeopathy.

Radionics vs Homeopathy

During the 40s and 50s radionics began to develop and with homeopathy they started to have a reciprocal influence upon each other. Many figures who were active in one therapy were also active in both during the 50s and 60s and were thus important in both fields.

Peter Morrell

If I would claim that the same mental intention used in radionics is responsible for the creation of homeopathic remedies, would you believe me?

My scientific paradigm is constantly evolving and this aspect was one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. How is it possible that radionic devices are able to copy a homeopathic remedy? And have this two techniques something in common?

It seems that during the process of dynamization, in the making of homeopathic remedies, the original substance represents only a kind of “trend”, helping the laboratory assistant to focus his intention, even if he or she are unaware of the real process which eventually binds the information (or morphic field) to the carrier substance.

In one of my experiments I have created a homeopathic remedies of Sulfur C1000 with a radionic device. When I proofed this remedy on me I could feel the effect of Sulfur and there was a difference in contrast to a “real Sulfur potency” which I bought from the pharmacy.  The impact of the radionic remedy was softer and lasted only a few days, but the real homeopathic remedy was stronger and deeper and lasted at least 2 weeks.

So the question is why are the traditional homeopathic remedies stronger than the radionic ones?

In traditional homeopathy more work is invested, more kinetic energy, more focus over a longer period of time. Normally a remedy is produced manually till to the potency C3 and only after that the remedy is potenticed in a machine till to potencies like the C1000. For a C1 it could require a few hours if it is done with trituration. Imagine if you would invest so much effort in a radionic made remedy? I can imagine that it would work also very good like the traditional one. At the end it always depends on how much effort you put into something.

Another difference between radionics and homeopathy is the “raw material” or the original substance. If you use a rate of a homeopathic remedy to broadcast to the target, the rate could be made from someone who never ever got some experience with this remedy and his focus / intention to bind or link the morphic field to the rate could be somehow very “abstract”. For example do you know what exactly Calcarea carbonica is? Some people would now answer, yes, it’s calcium … naaa, it’s a animal remedy! The fact is that most people do not realize or do not inquire to know the source of the remedies. So Calcarea carbonica is a sea remedy, it’s core sensation is “vulnerability”. You will not get this morphic field from pure CaCO3 (calcium carbonate). If a radionic engineer works on a new book of rates and thinks that this remedy is so simple and does not derive from a complex organism, than a important core component is missing. Therefore the traditional making of homeopathic remedies has it’s advantages regarding the purity of the link to the essence.

The traditional anamneses is also superior in most cases. It will lead through the particular symptoms of the individual towards a single remedy. Why use the stick pad of a radionic device if you can just ask questions and get direct answers? But sometimes you ask a question and the person avoids to expose his “secrets”. If there is a lot of shame blocking consciousness to communicate freely, then asking good question will not lead to the right remedy. Only if the therapist has a lot of experience he or she will be able to recognize patterns. But a radionic analyze here can be very helpful. Also a double check after a traditional anamneses is recommended. Even some conventional doctors use radionics in complicated cases.

I believe that radionics and homeopathy are perfect for each other.

What exactly is radionics?

A single thought which arise in your mind, a little idea, is like a semen which forms a morphic field. This field is unstable and it dissolves after a certain time.

But if you repeat this thought and if you link this thought to other “older thoughts” and memories and emotions, than the morphic field of this thought becomes stable.

A morphic field is nonlocal and does not contain physical measurable energy. What a morphic field does is a shift in the probability that certain events occurs and a shift in the tendency of other morphic fields when it comes in contact with them.

The probability of a biological cell to open it’s gates of the cell walls in order to absorb specific nutrients more efficiently can be changed with the help of morphic fields and they do not even break the law of energy conservation. Or the probability of a nerve cell to fire a signal can be altered too by morphic fields.

This process of creating morphic fields and accessing them (by morphic resonance) happens all the time. It’s a natural process, like breathing or digestion. Indeed every organism depends on various morphic fields. Even inanimate substances depends on morphic fields, like for example substance which crystallize. Relatively new substances which didn’t exist for a long time, like Aspirin, has a new morphic field which becomes more stable with the time. And history proofed that Aspirin is now able to crystallize faster than in the past when it was newly discovered. Ancient morphic fields in contrast do not change anymore, or only so subtle that we cannot measure it.

Some people has a green thumb. Their plants grow faster and becomes stronger than the plants of anyone else. You may know someone in your neighborhood or family who has a green thumb. If you observe them closely you will notice how they softly touch the plant, the mild expression in their face, the calm breathing and the soft tone when they speak to the plant. Most of the times it’s a old man or woman who possess a green thumb. They have become wise in their old age and what seems to be slow is in reality a healthier pace in order to conserve energy. This kind of people gets in resonance with the morphic field of the plants and understands what the needs of the plants are. In some way this plants are able to absorb more efficiently the nutrients from the soil. Indeed plants are the best thoughts measurement apparatus which exist.

Now when you personally try to affect plants in a similar way with your intention to grow faster and become healthier, you will notice that you may have initially good results, but then you don’t get any significant results anymore and you become exhausted.

One reason for this is, that it requires higher skills to concentrate and focus your intention over a long period of time. Another reason is that if you loose focus, but you are still in contact with the “target” resonance field, the target could take over and “suck energy from you”. A plant like a tree could do this easily if you do not detach in some way. Therefore some people learn how to ground themselves and to protect them. Again this requires higher skills, a lot of time and energy.

Another good method to protect yourself and to achieve a better focus is to use a radionic device. This apparatus are empty inside or they do just mimic a function. But this should not bother you at all, because the radionic device is an extension of yourself. You put this device between you and the target and by this you protect yourself. Also the device is designed in a way to assist you in your focus. So if you have the skills of a hobby carpenter you could build a radionic device yourself very easily. No need to spend thousands of dollars.

If you study the history of radionics, you will notice that the people involved only gradually accepted the fact that radionics is a mental work. First they needed the patient to be present, then they experimented with some meter of distance, then some miles and finally there was no limit in the distance. The same applies to the so called rates. The whole thing became more and more immaterial. Now only few people still resist the fact that it is indeed a mental work and hide behind desperate pseudoscientific explanation attempts. Some of this people even get very angry if you expose radionics for what it really is. But a open mind is able to recognize the true potential of radionics and it can be unleashed if the own world view is adjusted to the fact that the mind is the base of matter.