The value of meaning in radionics analysis of homeopathic remedies

A friend asked regarding using the AetherOne software for analyzing a homeopathic similimum:

If a person uses the program and has no homeopathic knowledge – would they just broadcast the top scorers to the client?

In this case the analysis would bring up whatever seems to make sense for the operator. Example, if you know well the James Tyler Kent materia medica, which is a list of 180 remedies and you practice just with these remedies, then you will feel more comfortable with this remedy list. The analysis driven by the TRNG and psychokinesis brings up result which makes sense inside this context.

Then other practitioners would rather prefer a larger materia medica, like for example the John Henry Clarke, because they have studied another level of the materia medica, like the families of plants and the groups of minerals, or even the new homeopathic insights of Jan Scholten. With over 1000 remedies one needs to know what the common themes of groups and families are in order that such a analysis would make sense.


For this reason I have inserted different rate lists for the AetherOne. Some rate lists are rather small and well known, like the ENERGY_chakra list, or the MIASM. Others are huge, like that of HOMEOPATHY_COMPLETE with 3181 remedies. The operator choose what he knows and what would make sense for him or her.

If someone is willed to experiment and to use a Clarke materia medica, but without the deeper knowledge in homeopathy, then the AetherOne would bring forth two possibilities of results:

a) something which makes no sense

b) a list of remedies which are all connected to each other and form a complete picture

In the case of “a” the operator just “played around” and therefore the result was accordingly of no value.

Or in the case of “b” the operator was willed to learn more and his intention was to add research time to the analysis. Then the outcome of the analysis process will make sense. This is the “meaning” of the overall context. With our mind we connect the dots, the hotbits (or qbits) derived from a TRNG like the Arduino will collapse to a determined state and they will make “sense“, they will communicate a “meaning“.

Example I analyzed the reason why a organism is generally unable to reabsorb an abscess. I focused a few seconds on this task only and I was willed to spend one hour of research additionally to this analysis for gaining a deeper understanding. The result can be seen in the screenshot with my notes:


The “snake” and “iodum” reoccurred in all remedies. As we know from the materia medica about Lachesis, they suffer a lot from abscesses. And Iodum is related to snake remedies, because of their 5th chakra problems, the throat. Lachesis loves fresh air and don’t like tight clothing, especially not around their throat. Also the poison of Lachesis dissolves the flesh, which causes abscesses. Iodum is all about “letting go” and its affected by “consumption” (not enough energy in its end stage).

Iod. and Kali iod., which are complementary to Lyc., are probably complementary to Lach. K. iod. has the diffused sensitiveness of Lach.
(John Henry Clarke on Lachesis)

Therefore I recommend to always check the materia medica in order to learn at least more about the remedy before to broadcast it. The intention of the operator should be to acquire knowledge and insight of the process which has brought forth the imbalance and then act accordingly with a research session after the analysis session.


Magic of Signs: A Nonlocal Interpretation of Homeopathy

Harald Walach (born 1957) is Professor for Research Methodology in Complementary Medicine at Viadrina European University Frankfurt (Oder).

He has written a article for the Society for Scientific Exploration explaining that homeopathy cannot be explained by “local interpretation“, because locality and material causality are inadequate paradigms to describe something which acts outside of these framework.

Causality is and was always a hot topic in metaphysics. The question if causality requires locality or not is what divides materialists from idealists. According to Hume and Ockham causality is something which happens in our mind.

According to some researcher distant healing is possible via the general connectedness of beings. This kind of awareness still exist in almost all aboriginal people. In modern time Schopenhauer, Carl Gustav Jung and Wolfgang Pauli referred to nonlocality for explaining a good portion of the phenomena experienced in science and psychology.

There are different so called layers of consciousness. The “magical” consciousness is what connects to the boundaries of the general connectedness of beings (we could describe it as the collective subconsciousness), then there is the mythical phase of consciousness and finally the mental consciousness, which is the analytical consciousness. The mental consciousness has achieved great technological progress but at the cost of loosing the roots to the mutual connectedness and to nature.

Synchronicity depends on the subjective meaning, which relates inner psychological state and outer physical even

And then Professor Walach mentions Carl Jung’s ideas on synchronicity, which are also explained by Isuret Polos’s idea of synchronicity and homeopathy, that events correlated to inner states of the mind are linked to a meaning. The temporal coincidence “simply makes the experience more striking.

In his article he comes to the insight that … “The synchronicity occurs when the semiotic process, the “understanding of the case” in the homeopath, generates a meaning.

Do you recognize the similarity between radionics?

How to encode and focus intention digitally in radionics

Isuret Polos book “Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy”  has one chapter which explains what homeopathy has in common with radionics regarding the imprinting or encoding of information:

Somehow our mind needs help to ground and focus in order that the intention builds up enough potential to finish a work. During the dynamization process while creating homeopathic remedies the laboratory assistant performs a “ritual”. The Organon the materia medica written by Hahnemann contains specific instruction for the dynamization of the remedies. Following this detailed rules the intention of the operator will link the morphic field of the original substance to the carrier material, even if the operator has no clue how homeopathy works.

Similar a radionics operator does not need to be initiated in the secrets of how this art works. They just follows a set of instructions and the entire context focus their intention on the particular task.

A morphic field is generated by the intention of the operator. The radionics device is a instrument which enables to focus this intention and facilitate the entire operation. It becomes even easier if a digital device is used, because it can encode more information in a shorter period of time.

But how does the encoding process work?

How information is encoded in radionics is also explained in “Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy“:

A key is like a symbol. Everyone knows what the symbol of a snake means, or red color, or a triangle. The collective consciousness is able to interpret the symbol and act accordingly.

Distant healing and distant analysis works only if consciousness is the base of physical reality. On the basis of this axiom we can assume that “someone” needs to interpret this information in order to exhibit an effect which begins on a mental level and carries on till to the physical level where it becomes manifest.

Isuret Polos explains that processes on the collective subconscious level are interpreted only  in a symbolic language. A symbol represents a link to a more abstract concept. The symbol does not need to be of ancient origins in order to work. In our modern days we use digital technology, computers and internet which encodes information in a binary form. When you book a flight with your smartphone, your intention is encoded by the software on your smartphone and transmitted to a series of remote servers. Then another program remotely decodes the information and executes all necessary functions. As a result you get your ticket and you are allowed to boarding the airplane at a specific time and location.

Even our abstract human language, including the text you read right now, is encoded in symbolic language first. Every character seems to lack a meaning if considered without its context. Only when the characters are put in a sequence, their meaning becomes “manifest“.

The AetherOne software on the Arduino transforms the broadcast signature into a series of numbers (ASCII code) and each number is then used to make a LED blink.


Some of the information seems to get lost in the process of encoding the intention into a sequence of light signals. But this is done intentionally, because the operator has only the task to formulate the intention, focus it and then “release” it. Its like to tense a muscle in order to move a object, but then you need to relax it again. You can’t tense it forever, this would be harmful and counterproductive.

Somehow the encoded series of light are still connected to your original intention. The LEDs blinks and then after a certain time stops. In the meantime the collective subconsciousness tries to make sense of this series of light, of its patterns, and by doing this it follows the energetic link back to your intention, back to the morphic field you formed by your original intention. For this reason the colors and the symbolism does not need to be 100% accurate. This applies to images too.

Let me illustrate this with a image of a dog:


You recognize the dog because of the link to its original intention of the creator. This is how language works. It is composed of a series of symbols and in their context they form a meaning. But the meaning derives in a immaterial and nonlocal way from its origin. Remember what Polos wrote about the dynamization process of homeopathic remedies? They create a link to the morphic field of the original substance by a series of dilution and succussions processes. In a similar way the intention of the operator is bound to the series of light signals.

Is there a meaning for the colors used by the AetherOne?

Sure there is a meaning. Your monitor decodes information into RGB colors, red, green and blue. All 3 colors combined forms white light. None of them black. The infrared is the “color” outside of the visible spectrum and represents the immaterial and invisible part of radionics. All colors are interpreted by the collective subconsciousness. They make only sense in the context of the radionics practice.

What is the role of the crystal?

The crystal is a relatively new  element in radionics. Dr. Albert Abrams didn’t use crystals and later radionics manufacturers didn’t either.

But later in the 1970s it was Marcel Vogel, an IBM research scientist and the inventor of the magnetic coating for large hard disk drives, who realized that crystals are able to store thought (information and intention). Since then crystals are used for radionics too.

Radionics Sighting – Max My Performance

PDD Resonance don’t make pills but mp3’s.

PPD resonance has it’s roots in millenia of traditional medicines (like homeopathy, yoga, etc.), but is completely new, you might call it Mindfulness PLUS!

These special resonance mp3’s are called PPDs and they have profound impact on the oldest part of our human brain: the reptilian brain (home of our instincts and stress reactions). So far, nothing was able to impact the reptilian brain properly, PPD Resonance does!


An excerpt from the book “Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy“:




“We often dream about people from whom we receive a letter by the next post. I have ascertained on several occasions that at the moment when the dream occurred the letter was already lying in the post-office of the addressee.”
(C.G. Jung, Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle)

A person takes Natrium-muriaticum, dreams of a mouse and when he wakes up there is really a mouse in his house. The mouse represents his inner state of mind, his timidity, and because the mouse is there at the same day he took the remedy, this demonstrates that an inner state was expressed by physical reality. This is what we know as synchronicity.

Synchronicity are meaningful coincidences. Jung describes them as inner events (dreams, ideas, emotions) expressed by physical events.

I experience synchronicities every day, therefore I wonder why most people don’t notice them too. Sure, some people are more open to it than others, but most people are not aware of their inner feelings, so why should they become aware of strange correlated events too? Than more you are inclined to observe yourself, than more you will become aware of synchronistic events. They are similar to dreams. Everybody dreams, not everybody is able to remember them. To notice synchronicity is similar to become aware that you are in a dream. It requires almost the same amount of awareness.

For example, I took Praseodymium one day, because of a health issue, not for experimenting. Before I took it, I wondered if some synchronicity would occur, because I read that chemical elements from the lanthanides series has this strong magnetic force. In a forum someone wrote that he took Neodymium, which is also a lanthanide, and his notebook broke soon after.

Only two hours after I took Praseodymium my iMac PC broke. What a coincidence! I went to the Apple store and they told me that the graphics card which was embedded in this specific model was known to have a serious problem and it could have break anytime. I was lucky that it happened just one week before my guarantee expired.

The funny thing about all this was, that there was already a potential breakpoint. It broke only two hours I took Praseodymium and 3 hours I read that lanthanides could do this.

From a quantum mechanics point of view, this event did not break any law of energy conservation. The remedy just modified the time when it happened or the probability when it should happen.

When you buy a computer, should you take one dose of Praseodymium C1000 in order to make sure, that all breakpoints survive the quantum flux stress?

Joke apart, computer designer, specifically computer chips designer, has a big struggle with such occurrences. They know that quantum tunnelling effects can happen and therefore they try to work around with some quantum mechanics tricks or by adding more cores. Than smaller the circuit in a CPU becomes, than more quantum leaks occur. It’s like trying to prevent electrons from teleporting themselves to other wires. At smaller scale quantum properties starts to emerge, because the interpretation of space location seems to lose importance and other properties like that of time gain priority.

The truth is synchronicity is not only a strange phenomenon, but it is necessary for life. Our brain would never work without synchronicity. The neurophysiologist and Nobel prize winner Sir John Carew Eccles was sure that a quantum entanglement between our mind and the neurons exist. He wrote in his book “How the Self Controls Its Brain” that neurons could fire a signal on their own during the day, without external stimulus. This could happen just once a day. The probability is very low, but it’s there, somewhere higher than improbable. And then the wonder happens: we decide to raise our arm and millions of neurons fires without external stimulus from other neurons, just because our immaterial mind changed the probability when the improbable event occurs.
While I write this book, my finger moves and hits the keys to form words and phrases, and some grammatical errors too maybe, just because events occur in a synchronistic manner, without breaking the law of energy conservation. I love when this happens. Quantum mechanics in a wet and warm environment, inside the brain, also known as quantum biology … or coffee overdose?! … anyway …

20 years ago, while training in a fitness club, I took Arnica C200 against muscle soreness. An excellent remedy for athletes (I’m not an athlete actually, but sport is for sure real fun), besides Rhus-tox and Symphytum officinale. Jan Scholten wrote in his book “Wonderful Plants” that some plants absorb elements from the earth regarding their own nature. Especially the plants from the family group Campanulidae, which contains also the Asterales group and as a special member Arnica montana, absorbs lanthanides in bigger quantities from the earth through their roots. This plant family has one main theme with the lanthanides in common: a strong drive for individuality, independence and living their own life. You can recognize this in Arnica, but also in other members of this family like Calendula, Cina and so on.

Arnica provokes synchronistic events which resembles incidents. When I took for the first time Arnica C200, one hour later a friend let his car keys fall down a gully. The second time I took this remedy, almost 15 years later, a policeman let also his car keys fall down. This happened after one hour I took Arnica C1000. His colleague looked at him astonished and asked him “what happens with you”. You need to know that this policeman walked like Dirty Harry through the parking lot and he was for sure a typical Arnica type, strong, the “nobody would ever touch me” kind of man. Only 10 minutes later, I was in a store buying something to drink, a woman let her stuff fall down on the ground. The policemen were present and they both found it very amusing. It happened again, just a few weeks ago, this time with a lower potency of only C30, a woman let her stuff fall down in a store after 30 minutes I took Arnica. Well by the way, when I take Arnica, it happens to me too. Even the name in German “Fallkraut” (drop herb or fall herb) indicates this intrinsic curiosity.

When I read my diary, I find more strange occurrences (always on the same day, within 24 hours):

• Calcium phosphoricum C10.000, one of my teeth broke while eating soup (what a loser)
• Stramonium C1000, minutes after one dose a TV comedian show was cancelled, but they show a horror movie instead (thank you)
• Pulsatilla C200, because I’m curious, and shortly after I got 3 phone calls from women living in different cities and countries, all asking what remedy they can take for the menopause

Not always I need to take the remedy. Sometimes it’s more than enough to trigger synchronistic events when I study a particular remedy.

Magnesium phosphoricum is a remedy with huge problems in communication and aggression. While I was studying Jan Scholten’s book “Homeopathy and Elements”, I was on the chapter of Magnesium, a young boy ringed at my door. He was from Niger, talked very good German. He said he got my address from a common friend. I invited him in, we eat some spaghetti and talked. He just wanted to spent some time with friends of his friends. I’m totally ok with that. At a certain point the conversation touched his family condition and he began to stutter. Not the occasional stutter, but a real problem was recognizable in his voice and rhythm. He could not express freely his anger towards his father. He was the victim, he said. But he was also an aggressor in some way, which he could not hide. The root cause of his problems was the recurring conflicts in his family. Whenever he talks about his family, he said, he begins to stutter. These was all Magnesium-phosphoricum themes, the stutter, aggressiveness in family, problems with communications, no stability, pain.

Not all synchronistic events are safe. Especially radioactive elements like the actinides can trigger the worst. Therefore, one cannot just play with them. Actinides are known to trigger catastrophic events, severe incidents and they do not only break electronics in the vicinity like the lanthanides, but also glass breaks.

Animal remedies attracts synchronicities which contains similitudes regarding the animal behaviour, territorial fighting or attracts the animal itself into your vicinity. When I took Tyto Alba C10.000 one day a rare coincidence occurred. I was walking home from the office. As usual I walked through the fields, because I love nature. In this fields I knew every bird, every insect and plant. And because photography is one of my hobbies too, I collected a lot of photos of different plant species. I thought I would know every living thing in this field, but when I took Tyto Alba, which is a remedy made from a feather of the barn owl, this must have attracted the rarest bird in the surroundings. On that day it has snowed, not much, but the fields were all white. And then I saw them sitting there on a tree, all three together, snowy owls, in Germany! A friend of mine is a bird expert. He told me that it’s almost impossible that snowy owls would fly towards this region. Well, maybe these was not snowy owls from the arctic, but they were white owls, really beautiful. I’ve have never seen then again after that day when I took the remedy.

How do we make sense of synchronicity? I believe that the information of a remedy resides on the dimension of time only and there it exhibits its power, by creating order on time. Time is spaceless and therefore also immaterial. When different events happen at the same time and they have all the same theme in common, this points towards a greater meaning, a node or crossover in time where order emerge from the immaterial realm. Our consciousness as a whole generates time as a way to communicate. This must create tension between the eternal and the temporary. When the tension is too big, synchronicity occurs in order to relieve the tension and we become aware of it. In this regard synchronicity is similar to the tension between the subconscious and the consciousness, where relieve is achieved by expression of symbolic meaning during dreams.

A global pandemic of impatience

Patience is a virtue
Virtue is moral excellence. A virtue is a trait or quality that is deemed to be morally good and thus is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being. Personal virtues are characteristics valued as promoting collective and individual greatness.

Patience is the ability to endure difficult circumstances such as perseverance in the face of delay; tolerating provocation without responding in annoyance/anger; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. Patience is the level of endurance one can have before negativity. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast. In the Christian religion, patience is one of the most valuable virtues of life.

The contrary of patience is wrath or anger.


Impatience is not always caused by a lack of virtue. It can be caused by toxins too, physical problems or hormonal imbalance.

Substances and drugs which promotes impatience:

  • Caffeine
  • Tobacco
  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Fast food

Lifestyles which promotes impatience:

  • Smartphones
  • Television / Internet / Computer / Playstation
  • Music with a high bpm
  • Sitting lifestyle
  • City life

And impatience is today a lot more evident than only 10 years ago. For example people do not read books anymore, which is sad, because books are still the main source of knowledge. Reading is relaxing and it reduce stress. Instead people today are used to short videos on YouTube of only few seconds duration. The statistics proves that they are not able to watch a documentary video of 5 minutes without jumping around with the slider to the end. My nephews watched a movie from the 80s and they asked me if the movie finished, just because the opening credits last more than 10 seconds. Some modern movies don’t even have a opening sequence, because people just want to watch the movie.

When I enter Facebook I get bombarded by private messages. I try to answer all of them, but while I type the answer some people are so extremely impatient, that they write stuff you cannot imagine. They come to conclusions like “are you angry with me?“, “are you still there?“, “hello, knock knock knock?!“. This is so annoying that I decided to not answer anymore to private messages.

Online shops like Amazon flourish because they know their customers too well. Your order arrives only 24 hours later. Other online stores cannot compete with Amazon and have a hard time to survive and try to calm down their impatient customers who demand their order to be there at their house just the next day.

A pandemic is an epidemic of infectious disease that has spread across a large region; for instance multiple continents, or even worldwide.

Impatient people are everywhere. And it becomes worse. They react with anger and frustration. Indeed these are critical times in which we live.

What can help you to become more patient?
Avoid too much of everything! Too much sugar, too much coffein, too much internet and smartphone. Find a balance. And do not just avoid, but become aware of what certain things do to you.

  • Go for a walk at least once daily for 30 minutes
  • Twice daily meditate (or pray if you are a religious person) for 5 minutes
  • Be thankful!
  • Read more books
  • Drink green tea (combine it with reading a book)
  • Do something for others without to expect something in return
  • Bach Flowers like Impatiens can help a lot
  • Sleep (at least 8 hours) … in fact sleep deprivation is a huge factor for impatience

… and don’t forget to breath!